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The Abbey Inn, Burton upon Trent

Today, the centre of modern Burton upon Trent is dominated by massive breweries. However, tucked in between the modern factories and office blocks are two superb medieval buildings -- one now a pub and the other housing a travel agency and a dentist's surgery -- and a little way outside Burton is a magnificent private home, currently being restored.

The owners of all three would like to believe that their building is all that's left of Burton Abbey, a great medieval monastery that was destroyed some time after the Dissolution in the 16th century. There are maps and documents -- one of which contains a description of the abbey as it was in 1524 -- but nobody has really worked out what medieval Burton looked like.

The owners of the three buildings each have a piece of the historical jigsaw as a starting point -- and a weekend to try and discover whether their premises was part of the medieval abbey. They could all be right and they could all be wrong ...
Mick Aston with some medieval stonework


Thanks to the people of Burton upon Trent. The webmaster would like to thank Mark Dorrington, Senior Archivist, Staffordshire Record Office, Pauline Richardson, Local Studies Historian, Burton Library, and Dr Nigel Tringham, County Historian, William Salt Library, for permission to reproduce the maps and engravings, and Dr Carol Rawcliffe of University of East Anglia for the picture of phlebotomy at work.

Most of the information for this site has been taken from An illustrated history of Burton upon Trent to the 18th century by Denis Stuart, Burton upon Trent Civic Society, 1993.