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At 4pm on Saturdays, for seven weeks...

Presenter Tony Robinson and Robert 'Dendro Bob' Howard examine some evidence at Burton upon Trent
Tony Robinson swaps the familiar tools of the archaeological trade for ancient maps and records, as the Time Team invites individuals with an interest in their local history to become 'history hunters'. Each week from 21 November, three teams of History Hunters will investigate the history of a different community to see what they can unearth about a town, village, street, house or backyard. Using resources that are available to anyone, Time Team History Hunters will enable people to investigate the truth of local gossip and myths and find out the truth of long-held theories.

Each programme will tackle a 'local' historical mystery -- for example:

  • Following the Great Exhibition in 1851, why was the Crystal Palace moved from Hyde Park to a remote London suburb and what caused it to burn down in 1936?

  • How did Blackpool become the British daytripper's favourite resort?

  • Three pubs in Nottingham claim to be the oldest in the area -- one even claims to be the oldest in England! A team from each sets to work to separate fact from fiction.

We will have a website for each programme with lots of background information and all the teams' finds -- watch this space!

The Sydenham team at work in the Crystal Palace Museum

The Time Team Club

The Time Team Club is an exciting and forward-looking organisation for those who follow Time Team and want more information about the programme and about archaeology. Benefits for members include a Time Team badge; Trench One, a quarterly magazine full of articles about the personalities and archaeological methods used on the programmes; a dedicated book club; and great competitions with prizes that include the chance to attend an actual programme shoot. Members also get exclusive discounts on Time Team merchandise, as well as special offers and discounts arranged with various museums and exhibitions. There are also educational opportunities to extend members' experience and knowledge of archaeology.

The cost of an annual subscription:

  • Single membership: £18.50
  • Joint membership (two people living at the same address): £22.50
  • Family membership (one or two adults and up to four children living at the same address): £25.00

Each category is entitled to one copy of the magazine, but multiples (as appropriate) of everything else -- i.e. membership badge, window sticker, etc.

To join the Time Team Club using a credit card, dial 0990 446699. Lines open 9am to 7pm Monday to Saturday. Alternatively, to get an application form, send an SAE to:

Time Team Club
Department A
PO Box 4000
Cardiff CF5 2XT


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