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Tony Robinson and Dr Carl Chinn discuss the finer points of difference between inns, taverns and alehouses in the garden of Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

In Nottingham city centre, just below the castle, there are three pubs -- Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Ye Olde Salutation Inn and The Bell Inn -- all of which claim to be the oldest in the country. They can't all be right, but which one is? The three pub landlords are fascinated by the history of the buildings and the caves under Nottingham Castle, to which all the pubs connect. How old is each one and what were they used for down the centuries? The landlords team up with some of the regular customers to trace the history of their locals and find the answers.
the Salutation team examine trade directories in the History Room at Nottinghamshire Archives


Thanks to the people of Nottingham. The webmaster would like to thank Adrian Henstock of Nottinghamshire Archives for permission to reproduce maps and photographs from their collection.