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view of Marshfield from a crane outside The Crown

Marshfield in South Gloucestershire is a small medieval town on the Cotswold uplands -- about 9 miles from Bath and 12 miles from Bristol -- thought to have been a centre for the malting industry in the past. Over a weekend, three Marshfield families carry out investigations into different aspects of the town's history: its buildings (evidence of malthouses and pubs); its landscape (examination of barley growing on a local farm); and its people (how one family's history links with that of the town). A large variety of methods of historical detection were employed to assist these three quests -- including document research, building surveys, dendrochronological sampling, field walking -- to create a vivid picture of a town's past.

viewing census returns on microfilm in the History Room at Marshfield Primary School


Thanks to the the people of Marshfield in Gloucestershire. The webmaster would like to thank David Smith, County Archivist from Gloucestershire Record Office for permission to reproduce the maps.