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A while back, I inherited some family history info from my father, and so now I'm trying to uncover the genealogy/family history of our Pipeses.

To keep track of the family, I'm using a shareware program called MacFamilyTree (was Heritage but that seems to have disappeared!) on my Mac.

See some old family photos – including my Grandma Pipes (nee Bleakley)
side of the family.

Samuel Pipes 1822–1879 Derby
George Pipes 1847–1930 Derby
George Samuel Pipes 1800–1975 Birkenhead
Ronald Edward Pipes 1924–2002 Bury

The Bleakleys

Omar, Charlotte, Isabel and Anthony Bleakley
Charlotte Elizabeth (Guy) Bleakley
Blanche, Tony, Madge, Isabel and Molly Bleakley
Molly, Madge & Angela Bleakley
The Bleakley Beauties: Isabel, Blanche, Madge, Molly & Angela

Mr Pipes

There are other Pipes pages around – I'll add them here when I find them:

A list of all the US Civil War soldiers called Pipes from the pages of Bob Pipes
A story of the outlaw Sam Pipes!