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Samuel Pipes

Could this be a photograph of Samuel Pipes 1822–1879?

It is a carte de visite taken in Derby by Wllm End Swift, St Peter's Street.

Samuel Pipes was a freemason,
the Worshipful Master of Hartington Lodge No. 1085
in 1876 ( ie 10 years after the Lodge was formed)

He was married three times: to Mary Ambrose,
with whom he had 3(?) children including George,
Ann Arbon (his cousin), and innkeeper's daughter Sarah Wagstaff Marshall.

He owned a timber yard and steam saw mill in Derby -
Pipes and Yates, between City and Mansfield Roads
and from May 1872 to November 1877 was a
Councillor for Kings Mead Ward
(Dobson Red Book 1880 p203)

Sawmill ad

Ad from Wright's Directory, 1874

City Road

Site of the saw mill on City Road

Sycamore Villa

I originally thought that this was Sycamore Villa, 131 Uttoxeter New Road, Derby - based on street directory descriptions. My cousin David Pipes has been a lot more rigorous however and sent me this photo:

Sycamore Villa

Here is a close up of the name:

Sycamore Villa

He writes: 'I did some research into the location of Sycamore Villa, Uttoxeter New Road and I think that it was not located as we had previously believed at the corner of Boundary Road and Uttoxeter New Road, now numbered 155 but between the Cemetery and Talbot Street.

The earliest street directory I could find was for 1874 but Sycamore and the name of Pipes is not in this directory. There are some houses going away from Boundary westwards which have names such as Alma Villa but the three houses nearest to Boundary Road do not have any names. They are numbered 112, 113 and 114. The houses seem to have been re-numbered according to Kelly's directory of 1891 - and again in 1899.

In Kelly's Directory for 1891 a Hugh Horatio Brown is noted as living at Sycamore Villa between nos 145 and 149. In the 1891 Census he is shown as living at no 148. On a large scale map of 1883 and in the 1874 directory there is a terrace of four properties called Woodland Terrace. The properties are still there numbered 75 to 81. On the 1891 Directory Sycamore Villa is four locations away from Woodland Terrace. This indicates that Sycamore Villa is at the present no 65. When I walked along Uttoxeter New Road and found no 65 I was surprised to see Sycamore Villa carved in stone on the front facing wall of the building. It is a pair of semi-detached houses with bay windows and the entrances at the sides.

North Parade

North Parade, where he was about to move to when he died

Samuel's grave

The grave of Samuel, his wife Mary and sons Samuel and William, courtesy David Pipes.