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I live in Brighton now, after spending some time in London and Guildford, Surrey –
I graduated with a degree in physics from the University of Surrey (formerly Battersea College of Advanced Technology). After working in book publishing and magazines for many years, ending up as Editor of EMAP's CadCam International magazine, I went freelance in 1985 and since then have written ten books (one of them unpublished!), worked as a cartoon illustrator and lately
as a web designer, mainly for Channel 4 and the Bafta-award-winning Time Team website. I've recently become a fellow of the RSA.

My first book, published by Thames and Hudson in 1990 Drawing for 3-dimensional design is well out of print. But it has been completely updated and rewritten as Drawing for designers, launched in August 2007. The US edition is available from Amazon.com

You can order the 5th edition of my best-selling book (March 2009) Production for graphic designers from Amazon.co.uk. The US Prentice-Hall edition has a different cover. See a list of contents on the Pearson/Prentice-Hall website. It is also featured on my UK publisher Laurence King's website.

My other book is called Foundations of Art and Design, also published by Laurence King - and now in its second edition. It is called Introduction to design in the USA – see a description on the Pearson/Prentice Hall website.

These have been translated into many languages - check out my Wikipedia entry for a fullish list.

I also publish, along with Fletcher Wallis, books on scientific and medical antiques under the imprint of Vernier Press.

I was born and brought up in Bury, Lancs (which was later moved to Greater Manchester – and back to Lancs again!), and so was my father. My Grandfather was born in Liverpool
and his father was born in Derby, as was his father – his father was born in Gainsborough, Lincs; and that's as far as I've got so far. My son, Samuel, lives in Edinburgh.

Check out some flattering and weird pictures of me through the ages!

Other websites of mine:
Fred's Blog
Vernier Press
Weird cyclelanes of Brighton

I specialise in simple, information-rich sites!

There is another collection of pages
at Geocities (I reside at SoHo 2066).
Includes the world-famous Streamlined trains of the world website.

Websites I've designed and maintain:
Ian Bullock on Socialism and Democracy in Britain
Ian Bullock Trivia
Betty Bib's Fairyware
Brighton and Hove Section of the Clarion Cycling Club
Beyond the Level
English in England

Websites I maintain, I've designed and/or written for Channel 4:
(Channel 4 have redesigned their whole site several times and many of these have disappeared!)

The Bafta award winning Time Team
History Hunters (in which I appeared!)
Real Lives
(The Real Biographies)
Soldier Poets
Timesite (for the production company that does Time Team)
Scrapheap Challenge (series 2, 3 and 4)
Building the Biggest
Losing It
Bloody Foreigners
Inside Job
Walter – the secret life of a Victorian pornographer
The God List
Real Gardens
Pocket Guides
Access all areas

plus many others long since forgotten ...

Alan (Fred) Pipes
18 Gerard Street
Brighton BN1 4NW, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1273 697962
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