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Omar Anthony Bleakley 1864-1937
Charlotte Elizabeth Guy 1863-?
Isabel Bleakley 1893-1970
Anthony Bleakley 1891-1952

Taken in Wilmington, Delaware, USA, circa 1895?
at Holland, Artistic Photographer, of 113 Market Street, Wilmington, Del.

These are the parents of my Grandma Molly Pipes.
They had 10 children:

Bertha Bleakley 1888-1891
Anthony Bleakley 1891-1952 (in front of Omar wearing a skirt?)
Isobel (Belle) Bleakley 1893-1970 (on Charlotte's knee)
Blanche Alice Bleakley 1895-?
Marguerite (Madge) Bleakley 1898-1976
Marie (Molly) Susan Bleakley 1900-? (my Grandma Pipes)
Angela Bleakley 1905-?
Omar Bleakley 1910-?
(Son) Bleakley 1887-1887
Jessie Hannah Bleakley August 1887-December 1887

Omar Anthony Bleakley was a papermaker and moved around a lot.
Children were born in Bury, Lancs; Bolton, Lancs;
Barnsley, Yorkshire; Larne, Northern Ireland (my Grandma Pipes);
and Wilmington, Delaware, USA.

See some photos of the Bleakleys when they were kids.