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Christmas Event

It's not too early to be thinking about what we'd like do this year. And thanks to Joyce and Roger we are not short of ideas. First, here's Joyce:

I have been thinking about possibles for a winter social event. Either just before Christmas or just after. I thought it might be nice to think a little further than the traditional meal.  So two possibilities might be:

1. A game of rounders on the Level in the morning - say elevenish - followed by an 'indoor' picnic with food brought by participants (this summer's picnic was so good I thought it worth repeating...). The picnic could be at a house reasonably near to the Level - I can offer mine - but it's only fair to say that it is up the hill...

2. A session of bowls at the Kind Alfred - again we could have two teams. We could follow that up with a meal in the area somewhere don't have anything in mind yet, but could investigate and any suggestions welcome - on the other hand we could again think of a a picnic if we can find a place.

These are only two ideas so if anybody has any others let us have them. Also thoughts on dates...  a Sunday? So far I am leaning towards the game of rounders...

To which Roger has already responded as follows:

Following up on your idea about a game of rounders, I mentioned it to Suzanne whose reaction was that she couldn't run at all.

However, I wonder whether a game of pétanque might be accessible to a
slightly wider range of people. We could use the terrain next to the West Pier (assuming work hasn't started on the i360 by then, in which case we would have to use the one at the Peace Statue.) Suzanne
and I have a set of boules each and three spare sets for visitors. Leon
also plays so he has at least one set. We could probably borrow some from the Pétanque Club if we needed more. We could follow up with a picnic at our house in Regency Square.

We will be away from 15-22 December. We would need to find a time when the Pétanque Club was not using the terrain for any major event.   I'm a member so I can do this if the idea is adopted.

This appealed to Joyce:

Sounds like a great idea , as far as I can see the best yet because all could play Should we go for a 'pub' meal or a restaurant, than a picnic - I prefer picnic myself but we can see . 

It appeals to me too; I bought myself a new set of boules a couple of weeks ago to replace the ones I had to abandon in Italy a few years ago. If Roger and Suzanne are away from 15th - and it might be a bit late to go for a date after 22nd I suggest we try to go for Saturday 13 December which is the day before our last ride for 2008. But what do you think? Do any of these suggestions appeal – or do you have an alternative idea? Please let Joyce know you view.

She's on

Clarion Social

24 August 2008
Picnic at Banjo Groyne

Here's a photo from the Clarion picnic last Sunday, taken by Sue Pringle (we didn't manage to get a passer-by to take one of us all, in spite of the wedding party nearby! They studiously ignored us elderly eccentrics). Sue just aimed in our general direction with the camera - bright sunlight on the screen made it difficult to see.


Christmas Get-Together 2007
Our Social Secretary, Ed, has taken into account all the messages received about preferences (many of which inevitably cancelled each other out) and this is what he's arranged:

The Date Tuesday 18 December
The Time 12 noon onwards
The Place Function Room at the Master Mariner, inner basin at Brighton Marina

If you're coming by public transport there are frequent buses (7 and 14C). Please put it in your diary now.

Lunch at the Swan: 10 December 2005
Well, as luck would have it, the way things turned out there were lots of people who couldn't make it – but thanks for letting me know, which is always appreciated.

Fred, Sue, Ian, Mary, Brian and Dave

Fred, Sue, Ian, Mary, Brian and Dave

Dave, Brian, Sue, Ian and Mary

Dave, Brian, Sue, Ian and Mary

Organic shopping at Falmer farm shop

Organic shopping at Falmer farm shop

On Saturday we had 2 'regulars' from the 2005 rides programme, 4 current members, 2 members of the former (1950s) Brighton Section, and 2 spouses… making 6 in all! It was nice to see Dave Gravett – who was a member in the '50s together with Brian. And as a result we had some fascinating reminiscences of those times – such as the dozen or two dozen who used to turn out for Clarion rides, and the sprints with riders spread right across the main London Road that used to take place from the 30 mph sign near the Pylons. Difficult to imagine how little traffic was about then – even when like me you were around (though not in Brighton) in those days. Brian's account of his 'short' (only 35 miles) weekly training ride which never took him more than a few miles from Brighton but involved riding up about 10 formidable hills including Ditchling Beacon made Fred feel knackered just listening to him. There was no support for my suggestion that we might use the route for a Sunday ride in the New Year.

There is of course no rule that says we can have only one social event per year – so if anyone would like to take on organising something in the New Year which would give those who had to miss last Saturday a second chance, so to speak – please let me know and I'll be very happy to put it in the next – or subsequent – circular.

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We've had to postpone the planned meal at the Thai Restaurant at the Beaufort in Queens Park Road at 8pm on Wednesday 9 February. The response was – well, rather minimal – so we're going to try again later in the year.

Saturday 11 December
Get-Together at the Swan, Falmer 

Fred writes:-
Should I cycle or should I go by bus? Well, in the end Joyce persuaded me to cycle to Falmer for the Clarion Cycling Club Xmas lunch. Then I wouldn't feel so guilty about scoffing a full Christmas dinner with all the trimmings! It would also make up for the cock-up that led me to miss last Sunday's ride!

Lewes Road

Joyce and Shiela with parked white van

So I met up with Sheila and Joyce outside the Racehill pub at the bottom of Elm Grove and at the start of the newish Lewes Road cycle route, heading North. Almost immediately we encountered parked cars and vans on the cycle lane, which required us to veer out into the heavy traffic! Some parts of Lewes Road have loading bays, with the cycle lane between them and the road, which works better.

Lewes Road

A good start!

At the Vogue Gyratory we dismounted and walked along the route that Joyce thought might make a good cycle lane, then at last we were on the open road! We passed the Preston Barracks development on the left, then various bits of Brighton University, Wild Park and after the Coldean Lane lights, moved onto the shared pavement. Then it was past Stanmer Park, into Sussex University and round the ring road and up our first and only hill of the day. Across the main road we caught a glimpse of the proposed Seagulls stadium site. After a bit of off-road, we entered the village of Falmer and were greeted by Ian outside The Swan Inn.

The Swan

Ian, Joyce, Sheila, Sue, Brian and Mary inside The Swan Inn

The Swan Inn

Fred, Joyce, Sheila, Ian, Brian and Mary

Inside were Sue Bullock and Brian and Mary Hutton. I confess to be quite relieved that there wasn't a full Xmas menu in operation, but there were some fine real ales and – best of all – it was a smoke-free zone. We were then joined by Bob who had also cycled, and, just as we were about to be chucked out at 3pm, Andie and Terry arrived by car. The way back to Brighton was thankfully downhill and uneventful. Approx 7 miles round trip.

The Swan Inn

Outside The Swan Inn

The Swan Inn

The shy one is Andie!

Ian adds: It was nice to see everyone – and I was especially glad that Brian and Mary who don't cycle any more and live in Worthing and therefore had only met me previously were able to come and get to know at least some of the current Clarion gang. Look out for Brian's cycle race reports in the Argus – usually on Thursdays.

Fred concentrates on the journey there and back – quite understandable for someone who along with Sheila and Joyce made the effort to cycle there. So several bonus points to each of them ('and points mean...')  but the (notional I'm afraid) prize for the participant who came the furthest by bike goes of course to Bob. (I suggested to the other three 'real cyclists' that they might like to return to Brighton via Bob's at Upper Beeding to keep him company but, strange to say, there were no takers. I'd have gone like a shot of course but I've got a puncture in my front tyre and didn't have my bike with me! Gerroff! It's no more unbelievable than Santa Claus and we all believe in him don't we?

Fred forgot to mention that  he used his digital camera to good effect – not only at the pub (photos will be appearing on the webpage) but also in recording some of the only-too-typical parking in cycle lanes/on double yellow lines that makes the local authority's efforts in Lewes Road a bit of a nonsense at the moment. I understand he will be sending these to the appropriate places and asking what's proposed to be done about it.


Bob wears his Clarion shirt with pride!

Fred also forgot to mention that Bob was not satisfied with riding such a short distance, so he handicapped himself, race horse style, with two bottles of Fair Trade South African wine one of which he gave to me, which was gratefully received if undeserved, and the other was awarded to Sheila as the most consistent ride participant (other than office-holders who were by general consent excluded). So thanks again, Bob.

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