Brighton & Hove Clarion Cycling Club  


Brighton and Hove Section of the Clarion Cycling Club

Constitution of the Brighton and Hove Section of the Clarion Cycling Club

1. Name. The Brighton and Hove Section [referred to as 'the Section'] affiliated to the Clarion Cycling Club [hereafter 'the Club']. It will therefore have as its official motto or slogan 'Fellowship is Life'

2. Aims and objectives

The aim of the Section shall be to promote, in the area of Brighton and Hove, the objects of the Club:-

to promote Mutual Aid, Good Fellowship, and support for the principles of Socialism

to protect and further the interests of cycling and cyclists

to promote cycling as an environmentally benign form of transport and as a means of promoting health and fitness

to organise cycling and social activities as determined by the members of the Section.

3 Membership

Membership shall be open to all wishing to join. By joining, a member will be deemed to have accepted the constitution and rules of the Section and those of the Club. All members will sign a disclaimer indemnifying the Section and the Club, its members and officials, against any claims.

4. Membership Fees

Fees shall be set annually at the Annual General Meeting. They shall include the national membership fee and any addition determined by the AGM to cover Section expenses.

5. Officers of the Section

The officers of the Section shall be:




Racing Secretary


any other position determined by the AGM

The officers shall form the Management Committee of the Section.

The Secretary shall prepare an annual report, in consultation with the Management Committee, which shall be forwarded to the National Secretary of the Club in line with the national Constitution and Rules.

Officers will be elected annually at the AGM. They will retire each year but will be eligible for re-election.

6. Finance

The Section will conduct itself in line with the national rules, and adopt, at an AGM or EGM, specific Section rules as soon as these become necessary.

7. Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings

In accordance with the National Constitution and Rules the AGM shall be held between 1 January and 13 February

Notice of the AGM shall be given by the Section Secretary not less than 21 days before the meeting.

Elections of officers/Management Committee shall take place at the AGM.

The Management Committee may call an EGM whenever necessary. The procedures shall be the same as for the AGM with each member having one vote and motions being agreed or otherwise by majority vote.

8. Amendments to the constitution

The constitution may be amended by majority vote at the AGM or an EGM
In all respects, including any considerations or issues not covered by this Section constitution, the Section shall conform to the Constitution and Rules of the National Clarion Cycling Club.

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