Brighton & Hove Clarion Cycling Club  



Contributed by Michael Walker of Unison.

Michael Walker has unearthed this from records at Warwick University

Thomas Leonard Woodhall (1919-2005) was a serious cyclist, whose club cycling activities began in October 1935; he belonged, amongst others, to the Southern Paragon Cycling Club, Farnham Road Club, 1934-1936, various sections of the National Clarion Cycling Club from 1934-1954, and Addiscombe Cycling Club. He also served as secretary of the Southern Counties Clarion Cycling and Athletic Club for six years from c. 1945-1952. His poor eyesight meant that he was unable to drive a car or take part in sports such as cricket, but it did not stop him riding a bicycle. In May 1944 he was living at 289 Gosport Road, Fareham, Hampshire. His last home address was Gosport, Hampshire. His nickname was Snowy.

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