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If you are following the 'Origins' series will have realised that in the very early years racing played no part in the activities of Clarion Cycling Clubs. The second contribution from Peter Roscoe, the National Treasurer (below) gives his account of how racing became part of Clarion activities. Peter has relied completely on his own memory - and recognises that he may well have got some things a little wrong. So if anyone can put him right about anything he'll be eager to hear from them (and I will of course report it too)

Dennis Pye's book Fellowship is Life records that Clarion racing clubs were established in 1932 with the appendage Clarion C&AC to the section's name. These C&ACs affiliated to the RTTC which was established just before World War II. See Clarion C&AC centres in RTTC rule on membership of clubs.
The formation of the centres led to the setting up of the National Clarion Cycling and Athletic Association - a federal as opposed to the National Clarion which as we know is a club. There was an affiliation fee to the NCC&AA based on membership - it may have been 3p or 6p.
In the 1950's then I was a member of Bury Section for clubruns (i.e. the National Clarion) and also Manchester Clarion C&AC for racing. Fenland Clarion C&AC, Midlands Clarion C&AC and Bolton Clarion C&AC were also Clarion racing clubs. The latter was unusual as far as I can remember all its members except one Bury member comprised the Centre. I think the explanation must go back to the National Committee being worried that if they did not grant Bolton Section permission to form their own C&AC (racing club) then Bolton would become another defector - there were sections defecting from the National Clarion.
In 1956 Bury members decided they wanted their own C&AC. This caused much upset in the section as it was seen that we would become two separate entities (as indeed technically we would) so it was decided that the club would pay an affiliation fee to the NC&AA that would cover all members of the section regardless of the fact that most were not racing members. There was a great uncertainty in the section whether or not the National Committee would allow us to become a C&AC. How times have changed - Nottingham, Crewe and Heanor have taken unilateral action making it possible for their members not to be part of a local section of the National Clarion.
So there it was and I can recall in the early 1960's as Racing Secretary of Bury Clarion attending the NCC&AA. Maybe I also attended the National Clarion conference - can't recall.
In the early 1960's a livewire racing secretary of the National Clarion (Ted Chappell) realised that falling membership meant that the NCC&AA was not sustainable and moves were made for the National Clarion to take over the responsibilities of the NCC&AA.



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