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Contributed by Michael Walker of Unison.

British Workers Sports Association

Mr. G. W. Nelson, of Woodford Bridge, Essex, who is COHSE's (health union) representative on the Executive Committee of the British Workers' Sports' Association, gave an address on Trades Unionism and Publicity at the Annual General Meeting in London last month.
The Association decided to support the holding of the Workers' Olympiad in London in 1950, as it was felt impossible to stage it in 1947, particularly as Wembley Stadium would not be available next year.
Birmingham District reported they were running a Cricket and Tennis League.
Mr. Goddard, one of C.O.H.S.E.'s (health union) Branch Secretaries at Paddington, has been co-opted on the Cycling Committee.
Cycling events up to September 1946 include :—
July 28th.—50 mile road course; South Mims.
August 18th.—25 mile youths' (under 18); South Mims.
September 16th.—10 miles ladies'.  East Lanes. ; Walkden:
Also Proposed.—Inter-section race, between London and Birmingham.
Following are the addresses of National and District Secretaries:—
Athletics.—Mr. A. E. Read, 44 Brynmaer Road, London, S.W.1
Cycling – Mr. C.J. Morris, 198 High Street, Tonbridge.
Lawn Tennis—Wr. G. L. Deacon, 18 Beechcroft Road, near Maiden, Surrey.
Chess—Mr. M. J. Reilly, 20 Dollis Hill  Avenue. London, N.W.2.
Bowls—Mr. C. H. Pitt, 14 St. George's Drive, Westminster, S.W.1
London.—Councillor Tom Morris, 3 Latimer Road, Hammersmith
Reading.—Mrs. Ivy Noyes, 47 Chiltern Road, Caversham, Reading.
Cardiff—Mr. S. W. Lewis, 93 Carlisle Street, Cardiff.
Bristol—Mr. A. E. Hudson, 38 Dorchester Road, Horfield, Bristol, 7.
Surrey.—Mr. G. L. Deacon, 18 Beechcroft Road, New Malden, Surrey.
Birmingham—Mr. E. T. Williams, 262-264 Corporation Street, Birmingham, 4.

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