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Contributed by Brian Hutton.

'Robbed!' Brian's Isle of Wight Tale

Visiting the IOW brings back cycling memories for me. In 1959 I rode in the lsle of Wight Grand Prix, a major race of about 65 miles which did one lap of the island. I went across on the ferry with Bill Lievesley, a top rider from Yorkshire who had joined my Brighton club. We arrived early and I suggested checking the finish out. The programme said 'climb Wootton Bridge hill, turn left at the top, and finish 200 yards down the road'.

At the foot of the hill there was a large garage and petrol station with flags flying from the roof so this made an excellent place to look out for. Bill and I were in the front group of about ten riders as we saw the garage. Bill immediately launched an attack and I took his wheel. At the top of the hill we were still first and second - We expected to see the yellow flag with 200 yards to go on the corner at the top but there was just one marshal there.

We sprinted down the road for 200yds but then saw the yellow flag and the crowd. We passed the flag, where the finish should have been, still first and second but although Bill managed to hold on to win I blew up with about 5O yards to go and ended up 7th. We argued that the info was misleading but it was too late to do anything about it and so the club was denied a first and second place.

Thanks, Brian. Another great story. Keep them coming!


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