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National Clarion Cycling Club: 1962-63 Handbook

Ed Furey, Chair of the recently formed Brighton and Hove section, came across a copy of the NCCC Handbook for 1962-3 via a friend of a friend in London who is trying to research the history of the pneumatic tyre. The handbook is a handy pocket-size and runs to 134 pages. There are sections on everything from 'Advice in Case of Accidents' to 'Welcome to Club Cycling' with details of 'Principal Ferries Throughout Great Britain', 'Cycle Lighting Laws' and 'The Foreign Touring Bureau' which would fit you up with 'planned routes for most parts of Western Europe.'

Particularly interesting is the account in the introduction of the origins of the 'Boots and Spurs' greeting which is a little more detailed than the one in Denis Pye's excellent Fellowship is Life. [See Why 'Boots and Spurs'?]

Several pages are devoted to 'Don'ts' introduced as 'Extract from Boost 1939'. Some of these would have sounded comically anachronistic in 1962 and presumably intended to cause a laugh. For example:-

'DON'T when you see a new girl out with the Club, immediately conclude that she will fall a victim to your well-oiled hair. It is quite possible, you know, that she might prefer cycling to crooning.'


'DON'T grouse if you happen to see an influx of girls into the Club. Many girls, properly trained, are better riders than the lads, and they are certainly more useful on the social side.'

But others are eternally topical

'DON'T leave all the work of your club to your secretary and then grouse if it is not done.'

And with our Brighton and Hove section particularly in mind.

'DON'T, if you see a new member or prospective member in trouble climbing a hill, be afraid to get off and walk yourself. Walking up hills is not a sign of weakness but and indication that you know how to enjoy cycling.'


It was particularly good to see that in the 'Official Caterers' and Repairers' List' – full of bed and breakfast, 12/6' etc appearing in the Sussex section as the only repairer is Strudwick Cycles, Oxford Street, Brighton. I had my bike fixed there very well and very reasonably just before Christmas 2003. Only the phone number has changed.


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