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Contributed by Michael Walker of Unison.

Extracts from Bolton Clarion magazine, 1937

Bolton Clarion Cycling Club May 1937 Annual magazine 6d Page 2.
By The President

Comrade we welcome you. You are a member of the National Clarion Cycling Club, one of the finest national organizations in existence. The Bolton Section, through the medium of this journal, issues a hearty welcome to its ranks. You are a follower of the greatest, finest, healthiest, and cheapest pastime, – Cycling. As a club member you will enjoy Cycling more. Whether you be tourist or potterer, speedman or trackman, camper or hosteller, solo rider or tandemist, there is a corner of the club waiting for you. Help us to maintain that feeling of good fellowship that prevails amongst our members, carrying out the words of William Morris, one who first sounded the Clarion call, "Fellowship is life, lack of Fellowship is Death". Help us to fight for our rights on the highway. Help us in our fight against rear lights, taxes, etc., and the growing menace of Cycle Paths.

Above all be a sportsman to your fellow cyclists, clubmen or not. Do not be afraid of consulting the club on any difficulties appertaining to Cycling, remember there are members in the Club, who have been in the game longer than yourself, who are willing to give you advice. Do not be afraid to put forward any suggestion, that in your opinion, may bettor the Club, there will be willing listeners. Our object, is to help you to get the most out of Cycling, and we as a Club, will see that you do, and it will be your own fault if you do not Then rally round, improve the club's welfare, make yourself an Asset to the Clarion Movement, and above all, may your association with us be a long and happy one.

« "Boots" ».

Page,: 5,.
Most of our members do not know how we came to have control of the Cycle shed. In the year 1922, an old wooden shed, at the rear of the Club, was repaired by members of the Cycling Club, after they had received permission to do so, from the Committee of the Socialist Club. The old shed was the property of the Socialist Club. It was however in a dilapidated condition, when our members started to repair it. They thoroughly reconditioned it, and secured the door with a Yale lock. The Socialist Club agreed to the Clarion having control of the two dozen keys, that had been obtained by the Clarion. There were certain conditions Imposed upon us however, and one of these was, that any member of the Socialist Club could hire a key for his own personal use. Another condition was, that a key must be held by the Steward, at the Bar, for the convenience of other members who had no key of their own. This was the position, when the extension of the Socialist Club was commenced. The extension to the rear of the Club, meant that the Cycle Shed would have to go. The Committee of the Socialist Club had however, foreseen this, and had allowed for a room in the new extension, for the purpose of storing cycles. When the building was completed, we received permission to assume control over the keys issued to all members of the Socialist Club and the Clarion Cycling Club. On September 5th.1935 a new agreement with the Socialist Club was accepted by our Committee, This agreement is now in force, and governs the method by which we may loan keys to our members. The agreement is as follows:-

"That the Clarion Cycling Club -purchases a new look and keys for the Cycle Shed. That the keys be loaned out at I/- each, to members of the Clarion and Socialist Club. That members of the Socialist Club, who require a key, must obtain a recommendation from their Secretary before a key can be supplied to them. That the Steward of the Socialist Club shall have a key in his possession, he may lend this key to Socialist Club members at his discretion. That the deposit of I/- shall be repaid to any person who returns his key in good condition. That a register shall be kept by the Clarion Secretary of all key holders. That any person holding a key, who allows his membership of the Clarion or Socialist Club to lapse, shall return the key at once. That persons using the Cycle Shed, do so entirely at their own risk "

The Frank Higson Memorial cup was presented to the Club by Mr,Higson, as a perpetual memorial trophy to his son Frank,Frank Higson was a very 'popular member of the Club for a number of years. Ho was well known in racing circles, for at that time he was about the best racing man in the Club, His racing career, which had been most successful, was cut short by his untimely death in 1950. The Cup, as mentioned above, is a perpetual trophy and cannot be won outright. The winner of this cup, is allowed to hold it for twelve months, at the end of which time he must return it to the officials of the Club» When the cup is presented however, the winner receives a small replica of the large Cup, and this becomes his own property. Any member of the Section is allowed to compete for this Cup? providing he has fulfilled the requirements of the Rule which binds him to have put in six Club runs during the current year. The Cup will always be the property of the Bolton Section, but should the Section disband, then the committee may donate the Cup to any object within the Clarion movement,, In these circumstances, - the Cup would be held in trust for the defunct Section, until a new section could be formed in Bolton,; The winners of the cup, since it was given to the Club are :'.-

1931 S. Clemrnett.
1932 S. Clemmett.
1933. J. Ball.
1934. F.Brindle
1935. J,Mullineux.
1936, W.Carr.
1937 J. Mullineux.

The room that we use on Friday nights does not in any way belong to us. We do not even rent it. The Committee of the Socialist Club allow us to use the room, without making any charge whatever for the use of it The reason for this, is more sentimental than anything else. The Clarion Cycling Club in Bolton, was formed by members of the Socialists Club in 1896, and ever since the Socialist Club has looked upon us with a motherly eye. We should repay this benevolent attitude, by taking care of the property and furniture which they allow us to use. At times, some of our younger members begin a little "horseplay" on Friday night, and sometimes this results in one or two chairs or stools being knocked over. Happily occasions like this are rare, but members of the Socialists Club see them, and it might eventually lead up to us being charged for the use of the room. Remember that the furniture is not ours, and treat it as you would treat the furniture in the home of your friend - with deliberate care.

This is what its name portrays. When the Club was formed many years ago, it was decided to have a scrapbook, in other words, to keep a record of our activities from the beginning to ~ well the end will never be. This has been done to date, and the scrap-book is a great asset to the Club. Members who have left us long ago, or whose cycling days are finished, have kept the book well stocked with cuttings, photographs .Easter Meet Souvenirs, etc., and it is up to present members to carry on with the good work. What about that photograph you took on last year's tour, with your pals on it, fetch it along and stick it in the scrap book. What about that amusing snap, of so and so mending a puncture, with a bored expression on his face, fetch it along. Any photographs of club members are welcome, fetch them all along and stick them in the book. There will be days ahead, when persons looking through will explain, "See there's Jack ------ when he were a lad1' and so on. Such is the value of the scrap-book, - may its pages never end.

One of the most valuable of the facilities offered by the Club to its members, is the Map Library, We do not offer maps at reduced prices. We make it possible for members to obtain a 'map of any part of the British Isles, quite free.

When next you require a map, see the Secretary on Friday night at the clubroom. The only limit to the time you may hold a map, is made by mutual agreement, between you and the Secretary. A date is agreed to, on which date you are expect-ed to return the map, or maps. The agreed date of return will always be fixed, so that there will be no need for undue haste in returning the map. Should the map fail to be returned, a fine is imposed of 3d per week or part of a week Very few fines are imposed. Remember it is the map that we want, not the fine. Below are the resolutions governing the scheme. These are given so that all members may understand, just how the Map Library is run,

1. That the Club shall buy new maps every year, the number of maps obtained each year, to be left to the discretion of the Committee, who will also decide when the Library has enough maps to satisfy the demand.

2. That. the Secretary shall Organise and control the Map Library, also he may recommend to the Committee the sections of maps to be bought each year, in doing this he will be guided by the requirements of the members.

3, That when a map is loaned to a member, the Secretary shall Inform the borrower of the date on which he must return the map. If the borrower fails to return the map, on or before the agreed date, then the Secretary shall send him a postcard asking him to return the map immediately.

4. For each week or part of a week, which elapses after the agreed date of return, a fine of 3d,, will be made. 5. Anyone who refuses to pay a fine, or persistently breaks rules, shall be blacklisted by the Committee, and be barred from taking out any more maps. 6. The Secretary shall produce all maps and receipts to the Auditors. 7. Any other rules, which may be needed to successfully run the Library, shall be made by the Committee.

For would-be Racing Men:-
1. Thou shall be temperate in thy habits,
2. Thou shall not stay out late at night for any reason whatsoever.
3. Thou shall listen to faster men than thyself, and profit by -.their experience,
4. Thou shall cover many miles when training.
5 Thou shall take ""Acid" when riding with the boys, and increase thy speed thereby
6. Thou shall hammer hard always.
7 Thou shall give attention to thy tyres, to thy chain, and to thy bearings, and lose no time thereby.
8. Thou shalt push hard on big gears, twiddle fast on little gears, and combine the two when racing.
9. Thou shalt not give up whilst racing, or thy confidence will suffer thereby,
10. Thou shalt take many "packets" and verily thou wilt make a Racing. Man,

During 1955 the Club purchased a new set of crockery Most of you who have attended the Re-Unions during the past years, will have seen, and admired this crockery. It should stimulate a feeling of pride when you realise that it is YOURS. At the present time the Club has no cutlery to match this fine set of crockery, but it is hoped that this deficiency will be rectified in the near future, as this is included in what may be termed, « the club's lone-distance Policy.

Members or Member's friends, may hire this crockery for any private party, on application to the Secretary. The usual charge will be about I/- per 36 pieces. The reason for no definite charge being stated, is that if more pieces are hired, the charge will be slightly less. The charge quoted above may be taken as the maximum. Of course the hirers of crockery must undertake to pay for any breakages. The amount of crockery is suitable for eight dozen persons.

Whenever you use this crockery, at any of our Socials, remember that it belongs to you, and all the other members also. Treat it as you would your own at home, and if you see any irresponsible person treating it carelessly, please remonstrate with them, you will have the support of the great majority of our members.

World Champion Tom Simpson of Bolton Clarion

World Champion Tom Simpson of Bolton Clarion

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