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The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s

74. "Random Scrip on a Tandem Trip" continued

Still Clarion 8 June 1895 Last week they had reached Warwick

Pedal leisurely to Stratford-on-Avon, that is the captain pedals while the passenger sleeps. Order dinner at the Unicorn.

[They then visit Ann Hathaway's cottage]

Rode then to Broadway, an old-world Worcestershire Village, sixteen miles from Stratford and six from Evesham, which is the nearest station. It is a village of one street, more charming and picturesque than Chester. There is an old-world air about it, and it is full of priests and artists - they know a good thing. We reach Cheltenham that night. Oh! What a difference! It was too respectable even to keep the Clarion. We visited all the paper shops and could only find one man who had four to order - more will be taken now

[JDS then has to go to Bristol on business]

Left C.F to sample the respectables. This day nearly killed him. We left at four, and started our return journey. We called at Ombersley, which has a grand half-timbered contraption yclept the King's Arms.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

We push on to Kidderminster, and this ugly town gives us both the hump, and then forward to Bridgnorth. There is a mighty hill to climb. I told you what a good man C.F is for cycling down hill, but when it comes to up hill - well that's another tale.

We finally, after kicking, pushing and walking, reached the top of the hill and called to one, Geo. Martin who keeps the contraption at Chattesford. He is a member of the parish council, and ideal Boniface* and as good a shoemaker as ever used leather. But that is not sufficient for us , we wanted George to embrace Socialism. He had never heard of 'Merrie England.' O, Ye Midland Scouts!. He promised to make a good use of a supply, and they shall be sent. George is far advanced without knowing it and we shall arrive.

Concluded next time

* I guess this must be a reference to the German saint. The only connection I can discern is that B founded a number of dioceses - and G M is active in (very) local government. Anyone help explain this?

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