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The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s

50. The Clarion staff at the first Easter Meet 'The Evolution of the Cycle' The Clarion, 20 April 1895

It was the great sight of the century. Even the Beery Person admitted that after Whiffly had endeavoured to wipe the floor with him. We couldn't convert him because he disarmed us by his artless and ingenuous admissions.

"Aw don't know owt," he said, when pressed by the Scouts. "and aw don't want to know owt."

Such a line of defence was impregnable and worth in every respect of Ashbourne which is, perhaps, the sleepiest hollow in England. But I anticipate.

As usual, Whiffly accomplished the great feats. He had purchased himself a six-and sixpenny pair of knickerbockers and a pair of convoluted stockings and yet people did not tear him to pieces. Whiffly is a brave man, and people are forebearing.

When Dangle saw these sartorial eruptions he went into secret places and communed darkly with himself. But the shops were all shut.

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