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The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s

45. Alex Thompson (aka Dangle) on the Ashbourne Meet (continued)

Clarion, 20 April 1895.

Continuing his remarks on the meet Thompson told Clarion readers:

There was only one discordant note in all the meet – and drink. That was the note of Sexton's snoring at 6.35 am Monday morning.

I see there were earthquakes in Italy.

The long arm of coincidence would cease to cause wonder and superstition if one could always trace it to is source, grip it by the nose and nip it in the bud with a bolster.

* * *

The expedition to Ashbourne has absorbed so much time this week I am compelled to leave over some scores of other subject that I meant to have discussed.

At the end of his piece – which covered the whole of the front page and much of p 2 – he added as 'P S' which I think will be of interest to Fred and others interested in Walter Crane:

Next week's Clarion will be a Clarion with a difference. It will contain a Cartoon "dedicated to the workers by Walter Crane" entitled. " A Garland for May Day 1895, and other appropriate features appropriate to Labour's May Day celebration. We propose afterwards to reproduce Walter Crane's Cartoon in a special sheet and the profits resulting from its sale will be handed over to the I.L.P. Election Fund.


Next time – Swiftsure on the Meet.


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