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The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s

42. Reports from Clarion in Nottingham, Manchester and Blackburn.

Still with More Swiftsure's 'Cycling Notes' on 13 April 1895

The Nottingham Clarion C.C has made a good start with seventeen members. Their meeting place or headquarters is the Morley House Café, and the secretary is J E Cannam, 170, Woodborough Road, Nottingham. Since they are within easy riding distance of Ashbourne, I hope they will muster up well on Easter Sunday morning for the conference at Dovedale.

* * *

The number of Clarion cyclists is really astonishing. Although it was ought but a promising afternoon last Sunday, some twenty-seven members of the C.C.C Manchester and District turned up to carry out the club run to Marple. Six of these were from Oldham.

The remark of a Stockport lad – as we were passing through there – about "hit off" the impression we gave to the wondering public to a nicety. "Hey, meister," said the lad, "be this a cycle parade?"

* * *

Blackburn Clarion C.C have stared their club with a membership of fourteen. They have decided to arrange their runs monthly. The runs for April are home runs, except:-

April 21, to Garstang via Preston, start at 7 a.m.

April 28, to Morecombe, via Preston, start at 6 a.m.

The hon. Sec is E Norbury, and their place of meeting Venetian Hall, Darwen Street.

Next time. The Clarion Board and the Ashbourne Meet – and a plea for 'lady' members in Liverpool


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