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The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s

41. Who's for Ashbourne this weekend?

More from Swiftsure on 13 April 1895

'Whose for Ashbourne this weekend?' is the expression heard everywhere Clarion cyclists congregate, And also amongst many who are not cyclists. I hear of many who intend to be in at the fun. In fact the first meet of Clarion cyclists and their friends promises to become historic.

For the benefit of all who are travelling from the Lancashire district, I am requested to state the times of departure and places of meeting in Manchester and Macclesfield on Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday.

The meeting place in Manchester will be the Infirmary flags, Portland Street corner.

Times of departure
Good Friday 9 30 am prompt
Ssturday 2 30 pm prompt
Easter Sunday 7 00 am prompt

Anyone who doesn't wish to cycle the whole way may take the train from London Road Station to Macclesfield.

There is a convenient train leaving on Good Friday at 11 15 am and arriving at 12 30.

On Saturday a train leaves at 3 20 and arrives in Macclesfield at 4 pm.

On Sunday a train leves at 8 00 am and arrives at 8 52.

The meeting place in Macclesfield is the Town Hall and the times are

Good Friday 12 30 pm
Saturday 4 30 pm
Easter Sunday 9 30 am

The distance from Macclesfield to Ashbourne by road is twenty-eight miles.

I don't think there need be any fear of lack of accommodation in Ashbourne; but if there should be I understand that there are several good stopping places two or three miles out.

If anyone wishes to select another place to stay at over the weekend, I would suggest Matlock. There are plenty of weekend trips from all parts, and it is within easy cycling distance of Ashbourne.

Next time: Reports from Clarion in Nottingham, Manchester and Blackburn.


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