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The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s

40. The Bounder and Dangle discuss the imminent first 'meet' at Ashbourne

Just to remind you Edward Fay (aka The Bounder) was a journalist on the Clarion and member of its editorial board specialising in humorous accounts of his adventures – last heard of in our context appearing at its annual dinner after being roped in as President of the Birmingham CCC. Dangle (aka A M Thompson) was Blatchford's (aka Nunquam) partner in running the paper.

From Swiftsure's column of 13 April 1895. Dangle is upbraiding the Bounder about his latest jaunt.

'Nice thing, gallivanting about the Continent, supping the chalice of pleasure, culling the sweets of luxurious idleness, wallowing in the epicurean sty from contraption to contraption while we at home __'

'Have been trying to acquire the gentle art of bicycle riding' I interrupted.

The magnificent one paled, and rubbed his right shin-bone. 'Someone has been telling you.'

'They have told me' I replied, 'of the fat spectre cyclist of Streatham, who cannot ride for nuts.'

Dangle paused for a moment, and then threw his glove – a woollen one with holes at both ends – on the floor. 'There is my gage of defiance,' he cried. 'Take it up if you dare.'

'I will have no truckage with you,' I said, 'But there is my gauntlet.' Throwing down a cotton glove perforated like a sieve.

'We shall meet at Ashbourne, said he, 'Clarionette shall be my henchman and inflator bearer.'

'Whiffly shall perform a like office for me, and I will race you for everything you are not worth.'

'And the Board Championship,' said he.

'And the Board Championship.'

We bowed, and Dangle retired for more practice.

Selah. Let this be an instruction to my Birmingham subjects to rally round their president, who is sore bested. Ho, there Whiffly the


If I don't give Dangle beans my name is not


Next time. 'Who's for Ashbourne this weekend?'


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