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The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s

37. Clarion cycling continues to spread as the first Meet approaches

From 'Swiftsure' Cycling Notes, The Clarion, 30 March 1895

The following will show that the Potteries Clarion C.C are all alive and ki… Or rather pedalling.


As many of your readers seem to be unaware of the existence of the Potteries Clarion C.C., will you allow me to state that there is such an organisation, and that all those who are desirous of joining should do so at once. Speakers are particularly needed, as it has been decided to do as much outdoor work as possible. Our secretaries's names and addresses are: W. Lawton, 40, Paddock Street, Hanley; and J. Wildigg. 127, Keelings Lane, Northwood.

We intend to arrange our runs monthly, so we shall be able to meet other Clarion C.C.s

* * * * * * *

Clarion C.C. for Oldham. A meeting will be held in the No 1 District I.L.P. Club, Jemnie Lane, Bush, for the purpose of forming the above on Wednesday evening next, April 3rd. All Clarionettes are invited.

Next time. An encounter with 'Lady Cyclists' and Swiftsure urges NCU affiliation.


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