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The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s

34. The first ride of the Manchester CCC and the coming first Easter Meet

Swiftsure's account in The Clarion 16 March 1895 of the first ride of the new Manchester club he had taken the lead in getting off the ground reminds me a lot of our first run back in 2004 when Joyce, Sheila and I rode up and down the Cuckoo Trail trying to persuade ourselves that it wasn't really raining that hard. True, we were spared the mud – but on the other hand we didn't have a kindly friend to offer us tea and shelter! And we have had our fair share of 'slithering through the mud' since. Ugh! Indeed.

Nine members of the C.C.C. Manchester and District essayed to carry out their run last Saturday as per card.

Instead of which they slithered through the mud at Dunham Park. Ugh! And we imagined it was 'pleasure.'!! On the return journey the ran overtook us, and on the invitation of two of our members, Mr and Mrs Sutcliffe, who reside at Stretford, we adjourned to their house for tea, and afterwards spent a very pleasant evening. The best incident of the run occurred when the writer – who had just been elegantly descanting on the splendid grip of his new 'Clinchers' had in the mud – happened on a deeper rut than usual and, accompanied with a bit of careless riding, found himself – well, not in the saddle.

The proposed meet at Ashbourne is troubling many of my readers. 'Peddlar' of Bradford writes to say 'They want it postponed to Whitsuntide'. He also says 'They have forty-three members, five of whom are ladies with more to follow' (Ahem) I should think myself that Easter is a very good time since it falls so late in the year. Howerer the following letter will explain more about it

Dear Swiftsure With regard to the proposed meet at Ashbourne, will you kindly ask those clubs that have not yet done so to send me the approximate number of those coming? Would also be glad if you would suggest to any club unable to be present the advisability of sending one or two delegates. The Birmingham men are intending starting on Good Friday, and if agreeable holding a conference of the different club on Sunday afternoon, so as to give everyone the opportunity of being present. Details later. Thank you in anticipation

Yours fraternally F G BROWNE Hon. Sec. Birmingham C.C.C.

Next time. Clarion cycling continues to spread as the first Meet approaches

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