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The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s

33. The first Easter Meet gets nearer as Clarion C.Cs continue to get organised

More from Swiftsure in The Clarion 9 March 1895

H Burghall, Labour Hall, Rochdale, informs me that they have started the Clarion C. C. with twelve members, and asks will other C.C.C. secs send him particulars of the proposed meet at Ashbourne.

Peddlar, Bradford, thinks it is time "Brum" unfolded their plans with regard ot the Ashbourne meet. There isn't much time between now and Easter. Perhaps "The O'Groomie O" will please note.

I also have also communications from Hyde, Blackburn, and Hunslet, to say Clarion C.Cs are being formed in these places. At Hunslet a meeting will be held this evening (Friday) at the Central Labour Club to which all who are interested in the formation of such a club are invited.


Below will be found the dates and places where the Clarion C.Cs in Liverpool, Hyde, the Potteries, Bradford and Rochdale may meet the C.C.C Manchester and district. Perhaps they can arrange their rides accordingly – if its not too late? Marple, April 7, Winnick, June 22, Hebden Bridge, June 30, Greenfield, July 14, Motram, August 11, Whaley Bridge, August 17, Crewe, September 29.

The C.C.C Manchester and district have their first run next Saturday to Carrington, meet at Trafford Bar, 2 45. Let us hope it will be fine and dry and a good muster.

Next time. The first ride of the Manchester CCC and the coming first Easter Meet

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