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The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s

29. The Bradford Clarion CC emerging from 'winter's blight'

From Swiftsure's 'Cycling Notes' on 2 February 1895

I have been wondering what had become of the Bradford Clarion C.C., but according to the following, it has only been the winter's blight which has caused them to lie low, and the coming of spring will see them once again seeking pleasure and recreation in their jaunts awheel.

Bradford Clarion C.C


We are pleased to hear that the Manchester C.C C. is already twenty-five strong. We are also glad that "Clincher" has spoken and shown that Brum are not the only Clarion crew still living. Our men wanted me to report some time since, but I manaagd to keep the brake on. Although our subscription was only 6d per year we started the new year with a good balance in hand, and every prospect of soon having at least fifty members on the books.

We have an accident fund; each rider pays one penny each time he turns out with the club so as to send man and machine home in case of a breakdown. This insurance we consider preferable to passing round the hat.

Your notes are read to good effect in Bradford. Many of our friends used to tell us how they tried bicycling, but found it too hard work. Now they own they never understood their "bike" which would account for the extra work. Some of our men when they first turned out with us were driving stiff machines, which were soon found out and remedied by other riders.

This is one of the many reasons why learners should join the "Clarion crew". I have every reason for believing that a lot of "Clarionettes" don't join us because it might affect their bread and butter. We have members who take a keen delight in being with us when they can do so with safety, and with whom the utmost secrecy is necessary. We have also champion boxers, prize swimmers, reporters on Tory papers, a few ladies, and I am a


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