Brighton & Hove Clarion Cycling Club  



The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s

21. Reports from Bradford and Liverpool plus a recommendation from Swiftsure

On 20 October 1894 Swiftsure reported:

Bradford Clarion C.C. are finding the uncertain weather a slight damper on their intended Sunday runs.

The following report, however, shows they are all alive and pedalling.

During the next fortnight our nights will be filled up parading the different wards of the town to draw attention to our candidates for the municipal election, We have started a club as you suggested for purchase of machines or hire system, 1s. per share per week. I.L.P. men may have particulars fro the cyclists' secretary, East Ward Labour Club. Yours &c PEDLAR

In Liverpool they were also busy

Liverpool Clarion C.C are hard at work assisting Sam Reeves' candidature for the City Council.

Next Sunday's run to Preston. Meet at Newsham Park 10 a m

The following week – 27 October – Swiftsure recommended

...the new Humber ladies' 'safety'

…the machine will be in great demand next season, particularly amongst those who, like myself, have a wife who is desirous of taking an afternoon's spin on their husband's machine, but objects to wearing the necessary bifurcated garments.

Next time – 'The Bounder in Brum' including the B'ham CCC's dinner.


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