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The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s

17. 'Swiftsure' anticipates an event in Manchester – and the beginning of his report

Clarion, 6 October 1894 'Swiftsure' reports.

The cyclists' parade and musical ride which takes place tomorrow in
Manchester promises to be a great success. The paraders leave
Albert Street Police Yard at 6 30 for the Botanical Gardens, Old

The musical ride will be a great novelty and the most marvellous thing being how the riders will keep their air-shod 'gee gees' going at a slow pace. Some of them will feel quite qualified to perform as track riders afterwards. It is firmly expected by the promoters that a new record will be established in the amount of support, and in the novelty of the costumes to be paraded.

So, roll up, Clarionettes, and view the fun. You will not miss the coppers which it is hoped will be wheedled out of you.

The following week, 13 October, he followed this up with a long report. Here's the start of it.

Those Manchester readers who failed to witness the cyclists' parade last Saturday missed one of the finest spectacles that has ever passed through the Manchester streets. I can safely say that such a collection of grotesque, burlesque, and every possible style of fancy dresses has never before been seen gathered together in the kingdom. The cyclists of Manchester have been about the last to adopt the idea of parades as a means of assisting charitable objects, but when they did go in for it they did it in the manner which reflects the highest credit upon all concerned.

The police authorities hardly did their duty in keeping the streets clear for it, but excuse can be made for many things, in that few expected such a magnificent and numerous turn-out. Had it been known what a spectacle could be made of such a parade, barriers would have been needed to keep back the crowd to view it.

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