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London Clarion Club-House Michael has drawn our attention to a local, broadly labour movement, blog in Hayes, Middlesex which has photos and other material on the Club-House. There are other Clarion entries on it which I haven't yet had time to check out. Have a look at

Clarion Park Benches

Michael also sends us this item from The Times 15 May 1950


MR. HERBERT MORRISON, Lord President of the Council, dedicating park seats to the memory of Robert Blatchford and Alex M. Thompson of the Clarion in Battersea Park on Saturday, said that the Clarion and Robert Blatchford helped to pioneer the great tide of enlightenment from which had come our modern Labour and Socialist movement. Our work now was to bring those first steps of progressive legislation into practice, to make them work, to turn Acts of Parliament into live assets benefiting both our country as a whole and the lives of every individual and every family in our country. We needed a new Blatchford. We needed the spirit of Blatchford and Thompson to tell the people that the great social advances would not be safe until the people understood what they had achieved and were united in determination to make them work successfully. We could not have social advance without social responsibility. All the activities which grew from the Clarion - the scouts, the cycling clubs, the Clarion vans and the rest - were permeated with a simple and friendly gaiety. We must recapture and foster that spirit. It was the spirit of hope and youth and purpose. LORD AMWELL spoke on be, half of the Clarion Fellowship Memorial Fund, which had provided the seats, and the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Alderman G. H. Humphries, was in the chair.

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