Brighton & Hove Clarion Cycling Club  



7 June 2004

The next two Clarion rides.

Sunday 13 June
Berwick circular
A gentle canter in a circuit based on Berwick Station. Meet Berwick station to meet 10 41 train or catch it at 10 14 from Brighton station.

Sunday 27 June
Downs Link to Henfield
Return via Ashurst and Steyning. Meet at Shoreham-by-Sea station to meet the 10 08 train. This leaves Brighton at 9 53 (no changes) Station to station this is only about 20 miles. But much of it is ‘off road’ though on a fairly reasonable track. If you want to add a few miles more skip the train and cycle to (and from) Shoreham.

See earlier circular for Pedal Power details.

4th ride Sunday 30 May
Pevensey/Normans Bay
There were six of us this time, Joyce, Sheila, Chris, Sharen and – for the first time – Richard, plus me. As with the previous ‘run’ we were lucky and the weather turned out a lot better than forecast. The route was nicely varied and – as a ‘bonus’ we stumbled on a 'mediaeval' event at Pevensey castle.



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