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3 July 2004

Dear fellow members and friends

Seven of us – Joyce, Ed, Chris, Sheila, Bob, Sue and Ian – made it to Fernhurst to see Pedal Power last evening. We all found the Mikron production entertaining, moving and inspiring.  I've even forgiven them for getting the SDF and the SDP the wrong way round!
One idea we had – Joyce and Sheila initially - and discussed briefly with them, is the possibility of getting them to bring it - and perhaps 'railways'  play too - to Brighton in September during the Labour Party conference.  Bit of a long shot but Joyce is on the case! 

On the same general theme I have copies Denis Pye’s excellent Fellowship is Life - a history of the Club. Latest edition (with new preface) £4 .95 (and badges and hats!)

Next runs.

There’s been a distinct lack of volunteers to take charge of a ride or two – which is not a criticism, just an observation. So far only Joyce and I have tried our hand. So, to make it easier to organise a programme over the summer we’re going to change the sequence slightly so that one of us will be around throughout. [nb this does not mean that no-one else should volunteer!] To save having a three week gap we’re proposing rides on both Sunday 25 July and 1 August. Details below.

Sunday 11 July Lewes – Piltdown – Isfield – Barcombe. The 10 14 from Brighton seems to suit most people. So catch that or meet at Lewes station at 10 29

This is only about 22 miles – but you can add another 15 or so by cycling to and from the start point. Mostly this will be on little ‘yellow’ country roads except for a short stretch of B road at Piltdown and the last couple of miles back into Lewes along the main road. There will be 3 off road stretches – the track out of Lewes to Offham, the little used brideway from Isfield across the river to near the Anchor Inn and the stretch of ex-railway line from there to Barcombe.

I suggest we might stop to eat our sandwiches at the pond at Piltdown (hope there’ll be no ‘missing link’ hoaxes) and make a slight diversion in Isfield to have a look at the Lavender Line which is apparently having a ‘goods train’ day on 11th. We could probably have tea there at the ‘Cinders Buffet’ but I think we’d have to pay the admission charge of £1. 50 to get in – we can decide on the day. The other possibility is the Anchor Inn if still open when we get there.

Sunday 25 July Berwick – Blackboys

Catch the usual 10 14 train from Brighton station or meet at Berwick station at 10 29.

Sunday 1 August ‘Back of the Downs’ ride from Hassocks

Catch the 9 40 from Brighton station or meet at Hassocks station at 9 55



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