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Dear fellow members and friends

2 November 2009

As you'll see from Joyce's report, my intention of leading yesterday's ride – one I'd been really looking forward to for a long time - was thwarted by a really nasty cold. My voice which had gone a day or so earlier did return by Sunday morning but I still felt absolutely awful - still not that brilliant - but that's enough of me complaining!

Very warm thanks to Roger who took over the ride and also to Suzanne who stepped into the breach for 15 November which I can't make. I understand that Angela and David have also been working on a possible ride and I hope to hear from them - and from anyone else (Joyce too is investigating a possibility) who might take on a ride sometime soonish whether this side of New Year or the other.

Future Rides

The rides for the rest of the year will be on Sundays 29 November, 13 December. I suggest we then have a little break - social events apart - until Friday 1 January when we can have our usual New Year's Day Brunch Ride to Carats Café The most obvious sequence of Sunday rides after that would be 10, 24 January; 7, 21 February and 7, 21 March I can't make either of the March dates. Regard these as provisional for the time being. If you want to suggest an alternative let me know before the next circular (16 November). If there are alternatives suggested we can take a vote on it if necessary; otherwise I'll confirm the date above.

One very pleasing feature of this year has been the larger number of people who've taken on organising a ride. We normally do 26/27 Sunday rides a year. So far this year I've done, I think 11. Ideally, I'd like to take on no more than a ride every 6 weeks - which would still be a third of the total - fairly evenly spread throughout the year. I'd hope to take part in far more; it's really nice not to be the person having to keep looking at the map etc. We have around a dozen fairly regular Sunday riders. If everyone could take on just one ride a year it would make a lot of difference. What about it?

Talk of the New Year reminds me that we'll soon have to be thinking about subs for 2010. And also the AGM. Last year it was decided to reactivate our £1 annual local sub in 2010. Jim as Treasurer has opened a Brighton Clarion bank account, so we'll need to send him our cheques for £7 (£6 national + £1 local sub). 2009 has flown past; these days I no sooner seem to be taking the Christmas tree for recycling than we're getting another one! Still we've had some good rides and the Isle of Wight expedition went well –not to mention our social events. Plenty to look forward to next year, I hope.

The latest episode of the Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s is, as usual, at the end of the circular.


The Next Ride

Please be clear that while all are welcome to join us we each take part in rides at our own risk.

Sunday 15 November
Pier to Pier and Back

No, it's not between the two Brighton piers! It's actually Fred's ride from summer 2007, which he has kindly given me permission to revive.

We'll start at the Palace Pier in Brighton and cycle westwards to the locks at Shoreham Harbour, pausing at Marocco's café to collect any Hove members. Once over the lock gates we'll take to the back streets of Southwick, to avoid the main coast road. We'll cross by the footbridge to Shoreham Beach and then head for the Widewater Lagoon. The cycle path runs between the lagoon and the sea.

The last section of the outward route will be the run from Lancing into Worthing, where we will lunch in style at The Denton on Worthing Pier. The first part of the route back promises to be much the same as the last part of the route there, but in the opposite direction, thus giving a different view on things. We will deviate at Shoreham to call in at the airport for tea. Then we'll take to the back streets of Shoreham, Portslade and Hove to rejoin the seafront cycle path just west of the King Alfred for the final run back to the pier.

Meet: Be at the entrance to the Palace Pier at 10:15 am prompt (see below) or at Marocco's café on Hove seafront by 10:30 am.
Distance: 24 miles.
Hills: Absolutely none!
Off road: Plenty of well surfaced cycle paths, but no grassy or muddy bits.
Catering: Lunch at the Denton Bar and Dining Room on Worthing Pier (you can see the menu at; tea at Shoreham Airport.
Getting home: Buses replace trains between Shoreham and Brighton so pedal power both ways is the only option on this occasion.
My mobile 0776 516 0904


Sunday 15 November - update: Brighton-Worthing-Brighton ride

We will leave the Palace Pier at 10.15 promptly in order to outstrip the 10K foot race taking place from the Palace Pier at much the same time.

Photos and chat at Moroccos at 10.30.

Christmas revels suggestions

Sunday 20 December or let me have your preferred date.
Indoor bowling at the Marina complex in the morning. Cost approx £5.00


Lunch in a nearby hostelry.
Either a pre-ordered buffet meal (eg as at Master Mariner in 2007)
or à la carte elsewhere (eg as at Al Frescos in 2008)


Phone: 01273 321794

The Last Ride - Joyce's Report

Sunday 1 November
Centurion Way, Dell Quay, Slaterns Way, and Chichester Canal

At 9 am the day did not look promising – pouring rain and a gale blowing. But this is the Clarion and three Clarionettes found themselves, well water-proofed, at Brighton station – Roger, Suzanne and Joyce. Roger informed us that because Ian was unwell (best wishes Ian) that he would be leading the ride (he also confessed that he was not sure he would have been there otherwise). But we also knew from Tessa, who could not come because of conflicting engagements that Angelika was heroically already on the train from London and we all had faith that the day would get better.

So we took the slow train to Chichester, with plenty of time to chew over a range of topics including the difference between 'defamation' and 'libel', the need for 'quiet spaces' and Schopenhauer. Angelika was patiently waiting at the station and after the regulation photo we were off. Through Chichester town centre (because we thought the underpass would be flooded) and still in the rain and wind. We were soon on the Centurion Way and hailed the Centurians who really did look life-like as we turned the corner and lo and behold the weather did start to clear. By 12.15 the rain had stopped and soon after the sky began to clear until the rest of the day was under a sky with white skudding clouds and the intermittent sun peeping through. It was also very mild so we were soon stripping off.

This was really autumn - a carpet of red-gold leaves on the ground and enough left in the trees to please the eye, we were sheltered from the wind, but its rustling and swooshing through trees accompanied us, and there was a wonderful moment when, going along a large field full of crows feeding, Roger's approach sent hundreds of them swirling and turning in the air.

On past Fishbourne to the Crown and Anchor, with the sun glinting on the sea (hope Angelika's photos are successful) ... A very good meal and more good conversation. This time about books we have read , past rides and a long discussion on 'that' Question Time ... Back along the Salterns, this time with large vistas of fields and the wind - a stop on the way for more admiring at the Marina and a look at where the canal joins the sea, and finally along the lovely canal ride - familiar but always a pleasure - this time we saw loads of moor hens and fishermen, to the basin cafe for tea and cake, happily sitting outside in he mild weather.

A lovely ride – thanks Ian and Roger.


[Mick adds: Just in case anyone who has read the report is interested in the discussion about defamation and libel and it was not resolved on the train, the answer is that there are two kinds of defamation, libel and slander. Both are torts or actionable wrongs. Slander is oral, libel is written. My blue baseball-type cap with the slogan 'Wonderful World' is one of the fruits of a successful libel action against the Sun or the Mirror (I forget which) on behalf of a client.]

The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s

46 Swiftsure on the Meet

[I got the number wrong last time – should have been 45 as Fred pointed out. Sorry. [was corrected on the website, in case you're confused - Fred]]

Still with Clarion, 20 April 1895.but now from Swiftsure's 'Cycling Notes'

The social and other aspects of the Ashbourne 'meet' will no doubt be written of elsewhere; I will only devote a few words to the result as it will affect the Clarion cycling clubs.

Unfortunately, through what I now know was a misunderstanding between the Birmingham men and myself, the practical result of the conference didn't at all meet the height of my expectations.

Had there been more consulatation beforehand between the various clubs interested, I feel sure the conference would have been more satisfactory.

But, however, a start has been made, and the formation of a National Clarion Cycling Club is a fact which, I believe will have far-reaching influence.

* * *

To come to a few particulars of the conference, I may say that a committee of three has been appointed to consider and draw up a few simple rules, and further, all other questions relative to it and the opinion of the Clarion Cycling Clubs at present formed, are referred for discussion and decision through the medium of "The Scout"

Next time – More from Swiftsure on the Meet.

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