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29 May 2004

Dear fellow members and friends

Having been tipped off by Charles Jepson, the national sec. of the Clarion CC, I found this on the Mikron Theatre website:-

The continuing journey of the National Clarion Cycling Club
In the 1890s, the bicycle was king of the road. The affordability of the new Safety Bicycle meant that, for at least one day a week, thousands could quit their work-a-day lives and enjoy the freedom of the open country. The “magic wheel” was seen by many as a way of spreading a new political gospel, and the Clarion Cyclist was born: a Socialist utilising his cycle for the combined purposes of pleasure and propaganda. Soon the NCCC became a national phenomenon, which continues to this day.
Pedal Power follows these very British radicals, with their saddlebags full of leaflets, along the road from politics to time trials, cloth caps to helmets, worsted to lycra. It tells the inspiring and entertaining story of the NCCC: fun, fellowship and the idea of sport as a means to an end. With a rousing song and the wind at its back, Mikron freewheels down the years with a hundred saddle-sore but laughing Clarionettes.
This club ain't great at distances. What this club wants is not a speedometer but a boozometer! Tom Groom

Sounds a bit like us doesn’t it?

The closest they are coming to us with Pedal Power is on

Friday 2nd July at the King’s Arms 8pm Midhurst Road, Fernhurst, nr Haslemere

That’s 38 miles and takes 1 hour and 9 minutes (by car!) according to ViaMichelin. Sue and I are planning to go (no Brighton Jazz Club that Friday). Anyone care to join us? (Details re Mikron Theatre Co below.)
1.Next Ride. (4rd of series Tomorrow - Sunday 30 May Pevensey Levels and Normans Bay. About 27 miles.

Meet at Polegate station on, or to meet, the 10 46 train, which means catching the the 10 14 from Brighton station if you’re using the train. . Joyce and Sheila wish to have a swim at Norman’s Bay if the weather is OK – anyone wanting to join them please come prepared. [Ed and Sarah report that the Star Inn is closed for renovation.]

2. Future rides. 5th ride. Sunday 13 June Berwick circular. Another gentle canter in a circuit based on Berwick Station. Joyce is organising this one.

Meet Berwick station to meet 10 41 train or catch it at 10 14 from Brighton station.
About the Company
Originally Mike Lucas, Sarah Lucas, Danny Schiller, now famous for its national waterways tour, aboard the 1936 Grand Union Carrying Company narrowboat Tyseley.
Mikron presents original live theatre with a strong musical element. We aim to produce at least two tours a year: a national tour travelling throughout the inland waterways of England by narrowboat; and a regional road tour mainly in Yorkshire and Lancashire. Mikron's Youth & Community Theatre runs four weekly drama workshops for young people aged 5 - 15 and for adults, and we also coordinate a broad programme of professional arts and cultural activities at Marsden Mechanics Hall.
Mikron particularly aims to attract audiences who may not regard themselves as 'theatregoers' in the conventional sense, or those who may find it difficult to access theatre centres, whether for geographical, cultural or economic reasons.
This aim is partly realised through our choice of venue: wherever possible, we choose venues such as local pubs, clubs or village halls, which are informal, familiar and non threatening spaces and often the focal point of the community.
The style of the Company's work, with its mixture of humour, music, physical theatre and strong narrative, using minimal sets and props, is designed to be entertaining and accessible, while the subject matter is thought-provoking and relevant to people's lives. The shows can therefore be appreciated and enjoyed by a wide range of people.
"The root and branch problems of everyday life are tackled by Mikron with avoive and exuberance that manages to enliven even the most unpromising area of debate" Metro Birmingham
Also available is HYPERLINK "" a list of all the plays which Mikron have written and performed, since they started in 1972.
and HYPERLINK "" a list of all the actors and actresses who have worked for Mikron over the years.
Mike Lucas is also the coordinator for the HYPERLINK "" Marsden Jazz Festival
You can now E-mail us at HYPERLINK ""

On the same theme if you missed Lawrence Pollard’s Pedalling to Freedom. (a series of five 15 minute progs) Tim has very kindly copied my recording onto both CD and cassette. It starts with the one on the Clarion and then has the progs on the CTC and the final one on cycling and literature Let me know if you’d liked to borrow either CD or cassette.
Still calling for volunteers to organize runs - or make suggestions for possible routes. Don’t be shy!



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