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25 July 2004

Eeeeeeeeeeeee.... Joyce sed I had to pen this one... so I apologise for bad language now. Firstly ta v.much for fab company on Sun. Joyce, and Sheila, glad you are improving girl. Hon. mens to Furey Waitrose. And sorry Ian... we both failed to don proper club caps and distribute leaflets accordingly... some parts of Sussex will just never know!

Sunday was fab... started out a bit hot, thought we would melt, which would've been better than the drenching we got the week before. I cycled out to meet the train at Berwick, and I could've set me watch by Joyce being on it. No-one else (which is a shame – c'mon guys), but, dunno about Joyce, but I had really pleasant day. It was a ded varied trip that took us through, oh, I have got a pants memory, Muddles Green might have been one of the places, and ... some hilly bits, and some bits that went over small brooks, and bits that were probably the quietest roads we have cycled on, and all you could hear was the swishing of the trees... and the mysterious tarmac'd road that turned out to be a very rutted grass walk... anyway, we were heading for Blackboys. There were some hills cos we approaching the Weald... we made noises like a train, not for pleasure... was just one of those body reactions... just sharing our wheezing lungs with the rest of the world in an audible style – seems a shame to keep discomfort and effort all to ya-self... but the down bits were lovely – rewarding and gratefully enjoyed. The Weald is ded nice, I havent been out that way before, and as Joyce sed, we (that is a big WE) prob. tend to fink more about the S.Down – wot wiv it being local an' all, but it was great – the Weald is ded nice. Spookily, Joyce had met someone on the station platform who had sed, or asked... are we going to some woodland grotto up near Hadlow Down (not their exact words, and I cant remember the name of the wood... might have been 'wonderful' or 'wishing well'... I'm sure there was a bit of alliteration thrown in there somewhere)... but it was just the bestest cake emporium we have endured/ luxuriated (choose according to diet preferences) as a Clarion group – elderflower iced sponge – get that! They had other cakes too... Sussex fruit cake, brownies, flapjack... forget what Joyce had, but it was brown, so I guess big clue there means it was some sort of chocolate concotion – she ate it quietly but quickly – tea was sound too. 'Course, the woodlands bit was very nice as well... well layed out, bug hunts, woodland scultures, all sorts of natural growths and wood reclamation going on... the tea house cum shop even had wooden tiles, I've only seen that in Norway before... and a good range of things going on as event, native indian story telling, torchlight search for moths etc (we obviously didnt do those Sunday, but could've considered it)... a diamond find really, one of those places that you probably only find out about through word of mouth, and it was just the biscuit. We sat around there for about... well, I guess nearly 2 hours... talking about gardens and a possible 'club-overnighter' and how best to motivate those of ya that are shy to put ya butts onto the saddle. I kinda thought... offer everyone elderflower iced sponge... but that may not be everyone's cup of darjeeling! It was a fab day though, you've only gotta try it once! We are finking of doing an overnighter at Blackboys... would/could be good!

Must confess, and dont be put off, cycling back was a bit more weary, but we were laden down with digestive tracts ful of cake... but it was still pleasant. We had been through some lovely countryside – that big fill ya chest priveleged feeling... we hadnt got lost, or argued or had tantrums – bought some free range eggs out of a road side 'stop and buy me' egg selling box, and then had pangs of doubt as we cycled past industrial looking coops – perhaps they had pasted feathers onto the eggs for that 'free-range' look. They tasted fine tho' (er... that was a later, 'omlette' exercise). Joyce, adopting a finacial institutional role, even sub'd me 2 quid for the train ticket machine at a very reasonable APR, so I wouldn't be banged up for ticket evasion (the hicksville ticket machine wouldnt take notes... how 1970s). We caught the 6.50-ish back into civilisation, and I dunno bout Joyce, but I felt I had earnt me soak in the tub...

Dunno what the next bash is... it is this Sun. I cant come cos I am moving house, but would love to come. I shall think of ya's Regards to all – come on you Bees (probably only Ian know's what I am on about there, and I aint even sure he does).


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