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Dear fellow members and friends

January 2010 - Burns Night edition

Sheila Schaffer

It was good to see all that was written about Sheila – in the Argus, on the UoS website – and to see the Meeting House almost full to capacity at her funeral with a wide spectrum of people who knew her from many different contexts. There were truly moving tributes, not least from Joyce. Joyce has sent me the following for inclusion in this circular.


As all who follow our ride reports will know, Sheila was a well-loved and loyal member of Brighton & Hove Clarion. She immediately grasped the opportunity of riding with the Clarion and was at the first launch ride ( in 2004) until health forced her give up in Spring 2007.

Cycling had become one of Sheila's great loves after she had found it again in 1988 as a 60-year old. From then there were many cycling holidays around the UK. Staying at Youth Hostels (another one of her loves) with me. Sheila also of course had a very full and active live as a politician (Labour councillor for ten years and Mayor of Brighton). Her activity continued after she left the Council with the United Nations Association, the Pensioners and a new love: playing with Silver Sounds samba band right up until a few months before her death. Sheila lived life to the full.

Volunteers for March Rides

I'm hoping to hear from people planning possible rides for 7 and 21 March soon.

Future Rides
Sundays 21 February and 7, 21 March. I hope to have definite offers for the March dates soon. 4 April (Easter Sunday – This will be combined with a 'leisure ride' for people coming to the Eastbourne Meet who are not involved in the racing events. I've already planned this one.) 18 April, 3 May.


Any more renewals for 2010? If so, please send £7 to Jim Grozier, 92a Springfield Road, Brighton BN1 6DE. Make your cheque (or P O) out to Brighton & Hove Clarion Cycling Club. Any more new members see the bottom of the home page.


A final reminder to members that the 2010 AGM will be at 8 pm tomorrow (Tuesday) at Roger and Suzanne's - 39 Regency Square.

* * * *

The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s latest episode is as usual, at the end of the circular.


The Next Ride

Please be clear that while all are welcome to join us we each take part in rides at our own risk.

Sunday 7 February 2010
Goddards Green - Bolney - Twineham
a mere c 16 miles!
This is almost a new ride. We did something like it – but different in detail in March 2005. To describe this ride as 'either side of the A23' it may sound uninviting - but it is fascinating how very 'rural' it can be - apart from the distant rumbling of traffic to those with sharp ears. This uses mainly quiet country lanes - unavoidable 'suburban' stretches at start and finish - and some different bits of the old A23 now designated as part of the cycle route which you may remember from before the road was turned into a motorway in all but name. (No off-road - it's not usually a good idea at this time of year as some of our previous adventures illustrate!)

This time my plan is to stay on the eastern side of the road - and some distance away for the most part - going 'up' and then back on the western side through Twineham and Albourne on the way back 'down'. The Eight Bells seems to have changed hands since we were there nearly five years ago – but I've had a look at the menu and they seem to have 'lighter bites' as well as 'roasts' on Sundays with vegetarian options in both cases.

Catch the 10.44 from Brighton Station (arrive c 10.20 for Groupsave) or meet at Hassocks station at 10.52. Best trains back look like 15.39 or 15.42.
My mobile: 0789 985 1172.


The Last Ride - Leon's Report

[More photos on Flickr, including photos of two of only three Sussex churches with round towers]

24 January 2010
Lewes to Seaford

Concise Report

Twelve riders assembled at Brighton station:
Roger & Suzanne, Tessa & Rupert, Terry & Sue, Steve & Alan, Alice, Joyce, Fred and Leon.

Brighton stn. Lewes to Seaford 24-01-10

Lewes station start

I learnt something new today; Keep calm, even when unreasonable demands are made to supply a ride report within a timescale that rides roughshod over the writer's other commitments.

It was suggested that I …

KISS (Keep it short, stupid).

St Pancras Church

Were you aware that the dirt-track police were on duty today? No? Well they were.
One of them at least. An old lady spotted me looking at her chickens.
Now, looking at anything as we cycle along helps to add interest to the day, but this old lady took offence. She called out 'You shouldn't be riding your bikes on that public right of way'. I glanced down at the track to investigate the rutty surface that had deep motor tracks that caused my teeth to chatter as I rode along. I asked her if a large vehicle uses this track; the answer was yes. Then I said our bicycles don't make deep ruts or pollute the air with filthy black smoke, then I rode on leaving her to stew.

Blue sky

Further along on narrow lanes between Southease and Piddinghoe the motor traffic was like a busy town at rush hour. Motorists were hooting and honking at our group of riders to get out of their way, even though we ride single file.

Southease bridge

More motorists' bad behaviour was encountered when a young woman was walking a young horse ahead of our group. We slowed down to allow her time to regain control of the beast, when a fool in a car sped past the back riders, only to be halted by the quick actions of cyclists at the front. Will motorists ever learn to be courteous to other road users? I don't think so.

The Hope

At the Hope public house in Newhaven we were joined before lunch by Liz and Les, who later rode with us to Seaford.

At Seaford railway station some of the group waited at the station while others sampled tea at a café opposite.


Note from Ian

Normally, I ask that if possible ride reports reach me not later than the Monday evening following the ride - so I can get the circular out and give the maximum notice of the details of the next ride and/or any other events. Usually, people manage to do this, but on the rare occasions they don't it's not the end of the world.

This time, since I couldn't come on yesterday's ride - I was away at a family funeral in Nottingham - I asked Roger to explain and ask whoever volunteered to do the report to try to let me have it by Monday lunchtime - which, self-evidently, Leon managed to do. And I thank him again for that. This was because, exceptionally, I am tied up more or less continuously from this afternoon (Monday) until Wednesday at the earliest.

No one should feel obliged to write a report anyway. And no-one should feel pressured into doing so or into meeting my (aspirational - to use the current political vogue word ) 'deadlines'. But it is helpful, as I've explained, to have the report in in good time. It was, and isn't, certainly not my intention to 'ride roughshod' over anyone. Or even smooth-shod!

The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s

52. The Clarion staff preparing for the first Easter Meet "The Evolution of the Cycle' The Clarion, 20 April 1895 - continued

The next evening when night's dark mantle had kindly blotted out London's grey hideousness, we ventured forth again, and wrestled for three hours with the jiggers, what time the small boys, who had brought other boys of their acquantance made remarks.

But at last we stuck on. And the small boys departed with sighs of disappointment.

* * * * *

The next day we went up to see Dangle and rode up and down outside the door.

Now her, the previous day, had charged madly at a dust-cart, with the result that his machine (in the language of the local repairer) had "buckled up" and had to be sent back.

When therefore he saw us cavorting up and down he sighed. When I say sighed I mean that he made remarks. Which may be taken as red.

Thus it was that Dangle, not having a jigger, went on from Derby to Ashbourne by train while Whiffley and I prepared for fortern miles of coller work.

More next time - The intrepid heroes of the Clarion staff finally arrive at the Ashourne Meet.

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