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24 September 2004

Dear fellow members and friends

Next rides

Sunday 26 September
Wivelsfield – Cuckfield – Balcombe – Ardingly – Lindfield – Wivelsfield. c 21 miles
This route features the attractive villages of Cuckfield and Lindfield on either 'wing' of Haywards Heath. Between those we'll take the road that goes beneath the Ouse Viaduct (the one you go across in the train to London) – splendid sight – then through Balcombe, across the Ardingly Resevoir and then following a route familiar to participants on the London-Brighton Bike Ride. Familiarity of this genre will continue after Lindfield as we return to Wivelsfield via the splendidly named Slugwash Lane.

Catch 10.58 from Brighton Station or meet at Wivelsfield Station at 11.15.

Sunday 10 October
Cuckoo Trail – Pevensey Levels [20 miles]
Familiar territory in part – but not a repetition of earlier rides. Up the Trail as far as Horam and then back by quiet roads through Vines Cross, Cowbeach, Stunts Green (wheelies at your own risk) Ginger Green, across the Levels to Rickney, then follow the National Cycle Network route back to Polegate.

Catch 10.10 from Brighton station or meet at Polegate Station at 10.43.

Last Ride

21 September
I'm really sorry that no one turned up for Chris's ride – but thanks for organising it Chris. Hhis efforts won't be entirely wasted because we can re-schedule it for another occasion (possibly on 24 October when I'm not free?). But I think it would be helpful and reassuring if – without making it in any way mandatory so as to facilitate last minute changes of heart – we let whoever is the organiser know when we are coming, or hoping to come. I'm organising the ones on this circular and my email address is and my phone number (01273) 682133.



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