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Dear fellow members and friends

19 August 2008

I'll be away for a few weeks. If there's anything you'd like in the next two circulars please contact Jim ( or 01273-505550).

Clarion social

Reminder This summer's social will be a picnic on the beach next Sunday 24 August. It will be at the Banjo Groyne - which is just at the point where Duke's Mount goes up.

Aim to be there from about 11.30 - 12 (especially if you want a swim before eating). We will eat about 1 pm.  Bring food to share, friends, relatives, guitars or whatever - but especially yourself.  If the weather is bad we will repair to the cafe under the lift.

* * * *

Michael has sent me another contribution for our history page – they're postcards from 1910 and 1911 and a recent photo of a Clarion banner at Tolpuddle. I've asked Fred to put them on the webpage when he has time. I've received an email from Peter Roscoe about the Wortley Hall weekend in October. You'll recall Peter's accounts of his early days in the Clarion in the last two issues. Wortley Hall is about 11 miles NW of Sheffield. A former 'stately home' it opened as an educational and holiday centre for the trade union, Labour and Co–operative movement in 1951. It is still run on co-operative lines. The Clarion CC has been using it for a sort of autumn 'mini-meet' for decades. This year the weekend is 3 to 5 October. Anyone interested? If you might be, you'll find Peter's message at the end of this Circular.

Planning rides

Here are all the remaining dates for 2008: 14 (Jim), 28 Sept (Ian), 12 Oct, 2, 16, 30 Nov, 14 Dec. Any more volunteers to organise a ride on any of these dates?

The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club in 1894 - Latest episode at the end of the Circular as usual.

Hope the weather is good for Leon's ride (details below) on 31 August and Jim's on 14 September



The Next Ride

Sunday 31 August 2008
A linear ride from Burgess Hill station to Shoreham
20 miles.
Terrain: road/track 60/40.

From Burgess Hill we will head to Goddards Green and Hickstead and then some cross-country to Wineham Lane and Henfield road. Some more track riding to Henfield where we can pause a while to see the 'Cat House' with some history involving The Canon Nathaniel Woodard. And have lunch at the Cat and Canary.

Then down the Downs Link to Upper Beeding to join Coombes Road to Shoreham airport for tea if needed. Depending on how kind the weather is, some might like to take the train at Shoreham. Note we will need to go via New Salts Farm Road, cross the A259 at the roundabout and left onto Beach Green and cross the river at the drawbridge.

The choice will be yours but some my like to ride via the locks and have tea at Carats Café and then on to Brighton, making this a 26 mile ride.

Catch the 10.16 train from Brighton to Burgess Hill (single). Note a group-save at 50% discount for a return may be the cheapest option.

My mobile number is: 07709939945.

The Last Ride

Sunday 17 August 2008
Chichester Harbour
- Sue's Report

[More photos on Flickr]

Four of us met on Brighton station – Leon, Joyce, Alice and Sue. So we managed to buy our 4 tickets for the price of 2. Very helpful when the fare to Chichester is £11!! We all signed Joyce's petition to increase funding for research into beekeeping – recognising that our own food supply depended on these little creatures.

17-Aug-2008-0001 Clarion

Ian was waiting for us on the platform at Chichester and, after having the mandatory group photo (Leon deputised for Fred Pipes as official photographer for the day) we set off for the canal.

A family of swans arrived as we rode beside the canal basin, half flying and half in the water – the parents appeared to be teaching the teenage signets how to perform this manoevre – lifting up from the water beating their wings, then subsiding down again.

Although there was a cool breeze, the day started out with intermittent sunshine and the countryside was a delight. Over the other side of the canal a herd of black and white cattle drifted, moving into the water here and there to take a drink. Such a peaceful rural scene.

17-Aug-2008-0003 Clarion

We continued mostly on quiet lanes then track, far away from the sound of traffic. We expressed our appreciation of the work Sustrans had done in improving the surface and gaining permission for cycles to use this part of route 88. Ian was a bit apprehensive as we approached one gate as last time we came this way it had been padlocked and we had to lift the bikes over. Relief all round when we found this gate open after all. Thanks to anyone who was responsible for having this sorted out!

17-Aug-2008-0005 Clarion

For lunch we bypassed the Crab and Lobster, in such a unique position by Pagham Harbour, as it has become a gastro-pub with no low-priced snacks suitable for our needs. Instead we made our way to the Bell Inn at Birdham where sandwiches were available.

Before we arrived there, cycling into a quiet lane, four of us followed the signs for 'runners, veg' into a small market garden. Here we delayed our journey to choose from a variety of beautifully fresh vegetables, which we could deliver to our homes via pedal and train power – no air miles involved.

17-Aug-2008-0010 Clarion

A highlight of the route was a journey on the Itchenor ferry – a small open boat which accommodated our bicycles and took us a few hundred yards over the water to connect with the road to Bosham Harbour. (The experience reminded the company of Jeff's enjoyment of this novelty on a previous trip!)

There Ian led us on a wet and seaweedy road lapped by the sea to partake of tea and cake at the local tea shop. We managed to secure a table by the window, looking out over the water.

The day had become overcast and a bit chilly, and for much of the day we were riding into a headwind. However, although the sky was darkening as we cycled back to Chichester along the Centurion Way, we managed to avoid any rain. Back to the station just in time to catch a fast train home – a very satisfactory day out. Thank you Ian for leading us.

Sue P.

The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s

[sorry about the typos last time]

More 'Lady cyclists' and report from Liverpool

I've picked out bits from time to time in this series which give unwitting testimony to the attitudes towards women – and women cyclists in particular – back in the 1890s.

Here's another snippet– it's from 'Swiftsure's' 'Cycling Notes' in the Clarion of 8 September 1894.

A Kendal correspondent sends me the following account of a little jaunt he had in the country with a young lady.

'On Thursday, August 23, a certain young lady, 'bikist' … rode in the company of yours truly from Kendal to Furness Abbey and back to Windermere station – distance 54 miles…'

'Swiftsure' seems to have had a bit of a brainstorm – probably all those 120 mile rides – early in October. On 6 October he wrote:-

Now the doings of lady cyclists have to be written about so much I have come to the conclusion that there should be a distinguishing name for a 'male cyclist' and a 'female cyclist'. How would it be if we called the first a 'cycler' and the latter a 'cycless' or better still a 'cycliste' since the plural can be easier to add to it.

I commend the suggestion to the notice of our cycling journals. I have a hankering for adding new words to our English dictionary, so here's my opportunity.

Well, bad luck – or should I say just as well, 'Swiftsure' In the same issue he introduced the following:

The hon. Sec of Liverpool Clarion cycling club reports as follows:

Just concluded two splendid runs – from Knowsley where his lordship the Earl of Derby did not invite us to dinner but his tenants were supplied with Clarions and Clarion leaflets. We also called at the Police Station and left some tracts for the edification of the gentlemen in blue. After assimilating the cow-juice we returned home.

In the afternoon several of us had a spin to Heswell. Here we discovered three Clarionettes and after fraternising with, also enjoying a good tea and distributing some Clarion leaflets, we made tracks for Birkenhead, arriving in Liverpool at eight o'clock.

Next Sunday meet at Newsham Park gates at 10 a m for a run to Cronton.

Next time – TANDEM and CLINCHER report from Liverpool and the Potteries


Greetings fellow Clarionists,
Wortley Hall Weekend Friday 3 October to Sunday 5 October

Once again it falls on me to pull a few strings to get things off the ground for a weekend of the pleasures of celebrating our splendid club.
A block booking has been made which will be reserved until 3 September when rooms will be released for any other clients. I would not anticipate any difficulty in securing a room after this date. Ring 0114 288 2100. Be sure to mention the Clarion block booking.

Friday night in the bar again for socialising and a quiz.
Saturday morning we have the 10 miles time trial -
enter (£6.50) 14 days before event to: Chris Goode, 56 Raleigh Street, Scarborough, North Yorkshire YO12 7LQ.

Afternoon: walk led again by Steve Heath. Meet outside Hall. 2pm.
Cycle ride: To be arranged.

Evening: Annual Dinner £19.50. Cheques made payable to National Clarion by 3 September.

Starter Choices:
Moules Mariniene
Cream of White Onion Soup
Main Course Choices:
Chicken Breast stuffed with Sun Dried Tomato Mousse & Rolled in Pancetta
Pan Fried Grey Mullet, Fennel and Orange Salad
Walnut and Stilton Risotto
Desert, Tea or Coffee.

Followed by a talk by Ian Clarke on his cycling tours.
Hill Climb: Clarion championship, Fun event for triers.
It will be great if we have a 'cliff hanging' climax to the Points Competition.
Whether you are joining us or not I would be grateful if you would acknowledge this email. Perhaps you would be good enough to encourage others to come along and enjoy the conviviality.
Prize presentation and quiz


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