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19 April 2004


Three of us managed the 'inaugural ride' in the end – Joyce, our newest member (we're now up to 7 with about as many more prospective joiners) and Sheila Schaffer who some of you at least also know. The weather was awful – cold, wet and windy and the Golden Martlet pub where we'd reckoned on having a break was covered in scaffolding and closed – but having survived World War II we were not going to let a spot of rain deter us. In spite of the weather we had an enjoyable day – and thanks largely to Joyce thoughtfully bringing a flask of hot soup we survived.

We decided that for the moment – and subject to general agreement – we'd reckon on waving a ride every other Sunday and have sketched out plans for a couple of nice easy-peasie little ones of no more than 23 miles at the most for the next two.

Sunday 2 May
Meet 10 15 by the Palace Pier – we'll go along seafront to Shoreham harbour, over the locks and through to Old Shoreham where we'’ll take the Downs Link then go through Bramber stopping for lunch at the Bridge Inn* in Upper Beeding. We'll then return via Botolphs, Coombs and the little road and footbridge by Shoreham Airport (maybe stopping for tea there). Or join us at the pub for lunch.

People living West of the Pier can join us en route. By Marracco’s café by the King Alfred where the cycle track goes round by the promenade might be one good place. Let me know and we'll look out for you.

* I'll check availibility of food Sunday lunchtime and let you know well before the day.

Sunday 16 May
Pevensey Levels and Norman's Bay.
Route less worked out but there are several possibilities. Let's say provisionally meet as yesterday at Polegate station on, or to meet, the 10.17 train, which means catching the the 9.41 from Brighton station if you're using the train.


We haven't tried to plan further ahead – although another idea is a ride round the Chichester Harbour/Bosham area – to give others a chance to get some suggestions. So whether you are able to come on 2nd or 16th or not let's have some. On this schedule the next dates will be 30 May, 13 June (I'm likely to miss this one – but we’ll still have a ride I hope) 27 June. We also need to think about having a social event some time fairly soon that can involve non-currently-cycling members and friends. Suggestions welcome.

More on the old Brighton section

You'll remember from my previous message about Brian Hutton, the Argus cycling correspondent who was a member of the Brighton Clarion section in the late '40s/early '50s. He's sent me a really wonderful piece he wrote about the early post-war cycle racing days. I've had some copies made – ask me for one when you see me. He's also sent it to the editor of Boots and Spurs at my suggestion.

Brian gave me two names of other old Brighton section members – Derek Cover and Dave Gravett. The first I've never heard, and he hadn't seen for a bit, but the second is someone I've know in a completely different context for about 20 years. Dave is one of the people involved in  Brighton Jazz Club as Ted, Tim and Ken (especially) know well. I've known for years that he follows cycle racing and since the early '90s we have from time to time exchanged videos of races like the 'Spring Classics' or the Giro – in fact since he hasn't got Eurosport I lent him tapes of the Three Days of De Panne, the Tour of Flanders , and the Paris-Roubaix when I saw him at the jazz club on Friday. And of course I asked him about his Clarion membership. Brian had not been 100% sure that Dave was a 'Clarionette' but when I asked him his response was to take out his wallet and show me his 1951 Clarion membership card! How about that?

Needless to say I'm hoping to get Dave and Brian and any other old Brighton section members that I can find to re-join us .



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