Brighton & Hove Clarion Cycling Club  



18 June 2004

Dear fellow members and friends

In this circular

1 next runs
2 Pedal Power play
3 Pedalling to Freedom
4 B&H Cycling reps meeting
5 Clarion badges, caps and books.

First the next 'runs'

Sunday 27 June
Downs Link to Henfield. Return via Ashurst and Steyning.
Meet at Shoreham-by-Sea station to meet the 10.08 train. This leaves Brighton at 9.53 (no changes) Station to station this is only about 20 miles. But much of it is 'off road' though on a fairly reasonable track. If you want to add a few miles more skip the train and cycle to (and from) Shoreham.

Sunday 11 July
Lewes – Piltdown – Isfield – Barcombe.
This is the same sort of distance and it involves some 'off road' bits at various points. The 10.14 from Brighton seems to suit most people. So catch that or meet at Lewes station at 10.29

And after that. I shall be away for the next scheduled 'Clarion Sunday' 25 July and Joyce may be unavailable too. So a volunteer to be guide for this one is urgently requested. I'm happy to check the train times and circulate the details – and if requested even to work out the route. I've plans for August – subject to you telling me otherwise of course. One is based on Hassocks station and takes us back and forth behind the section of the Downs between there and the Ouse valley with some interesting bits of bridleway . Another possibility is to do a 'round' of the Romney Marshes. Because of the distance (to the start – not on the bike!) this would involve an earlier than usual start – 8.55 train from Brighton Station. If you think this is a good idea please let me know – and indicate whether 8th or 22 August would be best for you. I shan't go ahead with this unless there's a definite demand.

I'm going to be on holiday for the September runs (5th and 19th) so if you're not ready to volunteer for 25 July – what about one of the September ones?

2. Pedal Power Friday 2 July

I've sent you details of the Mikron Theatre's production of Pedal Power. The continuing journey of the National Clarion Cycling Club.

The nearest performance to us is at the Kings Arms, Midhurst Road, Fernhurst near Haslemere – which is just over an hour from Brighton by car. Sue and I are definitely going – not sure yet whether we will have a spare seat or two but might have. Chris is going as long as the England team is not still in the soccer competition. Subject to that he can offer a few lifts. His Brighton phone number is 564291.

3. Pedalling to Freedom

At the moment Chris has the CD and Sheila the cassette. So if you want to borrow either version of the R4 prog about the Clarion CC – together with 2 of the other programmes in the series including one about the CTC, you could contact one of them.

4. Cycling Representatives meeting Thursday 8 July

I've been notified of the Brighton and Hove consultative Cycling Representatives meeting on Thursday 8 July at 5.30 at Hove Town Hall. I should be able to make this one – but if any member feels the urge to be our representative, I will not stand in her or his way! Alternatively, let me know of issues you'd like raising, pressing or pursuing.

5. Clarion badges etc

As you know I stayed with Charles Jepson the weekend before last in order to take part in the Clarion Café ride (hard but rewarding!). I've brought back a few of each of the following listed below – and some Clarion transfers you can have for nothing! I'll some along with me on 11 July (can't make the next ride – Joyce is guiding). But if you want to reserve any items before then – I haven’t a huge number – just send me an e mail.

The original silver coloured 'trumpet' badges have apparently been selling on eBay for £60-£80, and its been decided to revert to this design. This proved to be not nearly as expensive as feared and the badges are now available for £6.

The smaller 'oval' badges – you may have seen mine – have been reduced to £2.

Clarion caps/hats £3.50.

Denis Pye's excellent Fellowship is Life – a history of the Club. Latest edition (with new preface) £4.95.



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