Brighton & Hove Clarion Cycling Club  


Dear fellow members and friends

18 June 2007

This is a 'special' circular to remind you about the Save the Shoreham Old Toll Bridge charity ride on 22 July which, as for the last two years we're treating as part of our Clarion programme

I've entered for the 29 mile version but haven't yet heard from anyone else – do send me an email on when you've signed up and then I can publicise in the next Circular this coming Sunday to encourage more entries. Try to make sure to enter by 30 June at the latest – the registration fee goes up from £5 to £9 after that.
As reported last time there are 5, 10, 29 and 39 mile ones versions – so something for everyone.

To get the details go to Then click 'Rides 'on the menu, then right-click (PC) or ctrl-click (Mac) the link below Tollbridge ride to download the flyer to your computer. [Fred's instructions]

Do download your form and send it off now – while you think about it! And let me know which distance you're entering for. If you can't make it you can always sponsor me - I'm always open to offers!


Oh, and talking about charity rides I know that Bernie, Richard and Tim were all on the London-Brighton yesterday. [And there may be others who I don't know about.] Hope all went well and the rain missed you. If you send me a brief (or long!) report not later than c 5 pm next Sunday (24th) I'll see it goes in the next circular. If you have pictures don't send them to me; send them to Fred for the website version -




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