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16 April 2004

I'm sending this to all current members and to all those who have expressed interest – and I hope may join us – and for whom I have an e mail address.
Sunday's ride

Here's  Joyce's e mail for arrangements:-
1. Without car: departing from Brighton Station 9.41 train... (meet at
station 9.20).  Four adults can go for the price of two so check with others
before you get your tickets. Arrive Lewes 9.55 – change for Polegate
9.59... (remember that dash over the bridge ????). Arrive Polegate

2. For those with car: meet at Polegate :-  10.17 train  [I'm going to meet at the start of the trail. You can usually park fairly nearby and it is signposted from the main road.  Ian]

Bring a picnic and something to drink...  With luck the bluebells will be
out in the wood.

Itinerary: Cuckoo Trail to Heathfield – then  Mayfield – Hadlow Down –
Blackboys – Heathfield and back down the Cuckoo Trail (tea on the way
back ...). Estimated mileage 25 - 30 round trip.
The weather forecast is not as good as we would have hoped, but fingers crossed it may be OK on the day - but best come prepared for a shower or two.  I'm hoping we'll come up with some ideas for future rides en route.  But if you're not able to make this one and have some idea (or preferences as to days or dates) please send me an e mail.
Our predecessor   
As a result of the piece that Adam Trimingham put in the Argus the other week I had a call from Brian Hutton. Brian is the paper's long time cycling correspondent and may be known to some of you (eg Alun). He was a member of a Brighton section of the Club in the later 1940s. Apparently the leading figure was Wally Newman, a local Labour councillor, who I've certainly heard of and I'm sure so have some of you (Andy being my best bet on this one). They apparently went in for racing pretty seriously and included some local champions. Most of the members, though, like Brian himself, tended later to concentrate their efforts with other local clubs like the Brighton Mitre (Bob has sent me an e mail about a jumble sale they're having in May which I will send on later) and the Clarion, Brian believes, disappeared sometime in the mid-1950s. Certainly, we know from that Handbook for 1962-63 that Ted turned up that it had disappeared by then. He's sent me a copy of an article he did some time ago about his early days as a racing cyclist in Brighton of which I'm getting some copies made for you as well as suggesting he sends a version of it for possible publication in Boots and Spurs.

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