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Dear fellow members and friends

14 June 2010

Even more slimline. (It won't last!)

I don't know whether anyone was Naked Bike Riding this year – but if so we can include a report in the next edition possibly.

Mary Mears!

Future Rides … for the rest of 2010
(hope the new format, suggested by Roger, is helpful)

The ones marked with a * are ones I already know I can't make – and there may be one or too more.

Sunday Led by
11 July Hayward Heath circular - Jim
25 July Hassocks circular - Leon
8 August Bosham Ferry Ride – Ian?
22 August  
5 September Lewes circular - Jim
19 September* Possible London ride – Angelika?
3 October*  
17 October  
7 November  
21 November*  
6 December*  
19 December  

Offers to organise/lead rides are more than welcome. We seem to be OK now – thanks to Jenny, Jim and Leon – until the autumn. But please be thinking about what you might offer for the dates indicated then (and any others!)

The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s latest episode, is as usual, at the end. (very short one this week)


The Next Ride

Please be clear that while all are welcome to join us we each take part in rides at our own risk.

Sunday 27 June
Lewes - Chalvington - Glynde

Starting at Lewes station, returning from Glynde station, so not quite a circular ride. However the train from Glynde stops at Lewes for anyone who has left a car there.

Meet at the front entrance of Lewes station at 10.45. We head through the back streets of Lewes to Southerham, keeping off the main road. Then we take a short stretch east on the cycle path next to the A27 and turn off along Ranscombe Lane, round the foot of the hill to Glynde, then another short stretch of cycle path at Firle. We soon turn off again and head for Ripe through level, quiet lanes to the Yew Tree at Chalvington for lunch.

After lunch we have two alternatives, one involving some off-road cycling so we could decide on the day, depending on the weather. Either we follow more quiet lanes to Laughton or we can use the bridleway go through Vert Wood (in the opposite direction from last time). In dry weather the surface isn't bad. By taking Common Lane and then Cow Lane we keep off the main B2124 apart from a short stretch of less than a mile to Moor Lane. Then there are more quiet lanes back to Glynde, where we could stop for tea at the tearooms if they're open (they're a bit unpredictable) or there's the Trevor Arms, a Harveys pub with a large garden right next to the station. There is a train every hour from Glynde, so return times are quite flexible.

I don't have a mobile phone, so I can only be contacted on my landline (01273 400896) until I leave home at 10.20 that morning. Please let me know in advance if you're coming along but won't be coming by train.

For those coming by train: please buy a return ticket to Glynde, but get off the train at Lewes!

Train: Please catch the 10.29 to Lewes from Brighton station.
Meet: 10.45 at the front entrance to Lewes station.
Distance: An easy 20 miles.
Hills: Almost completely flat, with just a couple of short undulations at Glynde.
Off-road: To be decided on the day.
Refreshments: Lunch at the Yew Tree in Chalvington. Tea or beer in Glynde before catching the train back.


The Last Ride - Jenny's Report

Sunday 13 June 2010
Horam via Abbot's Wood

[More photos on Flickr]

I'll begin by quoting Roger's description: 'This ride has a "challenge" rating a little above average (some of them have to). It is slightly longer than usual and has a few steepish hills, but nothing that can't be walked. On the plus side it takes us past a secluded lake, and through some of the prettiest lanes in Sussex.' All of which proved to be true.


Seven riders met at Polegate station: Angela, Anne, Jenny, Mark, Mick, Roger, and Tessa. A passer-by kindly took our photo for us. We headed straight for the Cuckoo Trail then off-road into the woods: Oggs Wood, Nate Wood, and Gate Wood - and were surprised not to encounter too much mud, given recent torrential rain. At the edge of Abbot's Wood we stopped at the lake, which was lovely - a peaceful carpet of yellow waterlilies, fringed by wild irises and inhabited by a pair of friendly ducks. Later we crossed a bridge over a stream and stopped to admire a large number of iridescent blue dragonflies, sadly too flighty to photograph.

Lakeside discussion

When we emerged from the woodland tracks we were on familiar quiet lanes, but bypassed The Yew Tree at Chalvington as the ride will be lunching there in two weeks' time. Instead we had a very pleasant meal in the garden of the Golden Cross, a friendly pub that produced our lunches in double-quick time and offered very good value for money. Pity it's right by such a horrendously busy stretch of the A22.


After lunch we crossed the deadly A22 and headed through the outskirts of Chiddingly, past Farley Farmhouse, Roland Penrose and Lee Miller's former home which is well worth a visit. On the way north to Horam we had to tackle three hills of the long slow slog variety, and some of us ended up walking the last stretch, but with hardly any traffic, the hedges full of dog roses in full bloom, and birdsong all around us this was no great hardship. Eventually we rejoined the Cuckoo Trail, which was encouragingly busy with families out cycling, and sailed along to the Old Mill where there was time for a very welcome tea and cake break before a short ride back to Polegate in plenty of time for the train.

Many thanks once again to Roger for a really enjoyable and interesting ride.


The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s (resumed)

62 More from the "Clarion Post Bag" 11 May 1895 Blatchford on The Scout

The second number of the Scout is a great improvement upon the first. It is a really good paper, and reflects credit upon the Candid Friend, as editor. There is no doubt that it fills a long felt want, and I hope every reader of the Clarion will order it. If only Clarionettes will rally round the Candid One, the Scout will soon be one of the most useful papers ever published. But it wants readers. At its present circulation the loss on it is rather severe. The Board are long-suffering men – but! The fact is we want at least 30.000 buyers for the Scout and we must have them.

Moreover , we want more Scouts and more Glee Clubs, Cycle Clubs and Nature Clubs, and we must have those

Next time. 11 May "Post-Bag" concluded – A Clarion call from Blatchford.

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