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13 June 2004

Hello All,

I had a great time - and it was I : - Ian was climbing up the Pennines, Sheila is in Portugal, Ed organising the KT festival etc etc..... so I was lone representative of the Clarion rides. But don't feel too sorry for me, cycling is a bit like meditation for me so I was perfectly happy. I allowed myself a leisurely pace and, since my counter gave up at 12 miles, I don't know how much I did - I reckon about 22 miles.

First bit of laze was at the Arlington Reservoir - , a beautiful place just to sit and gaze at the water. and - no - one can't cycle round it , but you can walk , which I did some of the way. I managed to leave my gloves so had to double back two miles..... Then past Abbot's Wood , with a bow to the Long Man of Wilmington and a stop for the wonderful view.

The gate for the "bridleway" turned out to be locked and the bridleway had become a footpath. Nearly did my back in heaving the bike over the stile, but it was worth it for the wonderful view of the Cuckmere, the meadow and the church. That was the place for lunch , sitting by the river.

The next bit got more complicated because I was fleeing the ubiquitous A 27 To Selmeston and finally found a way in to Firle Park for the Cycle Fair (not the best place to have it I would have thought,) despite the many notices from ESCC reminding drivers to watch for cyclists, the A 27 which I had to do a bit of was horrendous.

Fortunately easy to return to Glynde station where I got my train...

So hope to see at least some of you at the next ride and, just in case you are feeling a bit guilty you can always sponsor me for the London to Brighton, which I am doing next Sunday (help) for the British Heart Foundation...

Joyce E-S

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