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12 September 2004

Thank god it was sunny... I sat at East Worthing till 10.45am on Sunday... no show from the socialist posey of Brighton... I guess that Brighton is just not cut out for the group dynamic thing... didnt get to see me little boy either, cos I had 'Clarion' in me diary. Shame... I didnt do the ride on Sunday... on account that I had done it on Friday as a reccy... I went and did some shopping and watched the footie instead. But the Friday bash was dead good, past where Belloc is buried, and Knebb Castle, and Shipley windmill which is a commemorative restoration in respect to the aforementioned Belloc (I must read his stuff again). Saw loads of wild life... does, white squirrel, rabbits, pheasants and other similar but brown looking birds... and some of the lanes were so peaceful, and some old old builings beautifully preserved by those with enough finance to create the idyll of their own mind's eye... it was, however, really nice. Didnt appreciate the puncture particulary, but I had bought 2lbs of vic. plums on route so ate them while I sorted it, and it was sunny... so... Dunno whether it worth continuing the Clarion thing... it is struggling to survive... there have been a couple of lone rides and several two/three people rides... and although it is a right pleasure to do as a group enterprise... well, it's not really happening. Thoughts on a postcard perhaps.

Come on you Bees


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