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Dear fellow members and friends

4 October 2010

Thanks to Roger for holding the fort during my absence on holiday. Good to hear that Angelika's ride went off so well (but I do sympathise with Jim about his long journey home) Roger's forum report is encouraging - at least a few signs of progress.

Talking of Angelika's debut as a ride leader, I had hoped that while I was away someone - preferably someone who hasn't offered a ride before, or not for a long time - might have 'bagged' 7 November. So I haven't got anything in mind for it - not yet. I will have, but, making a virtue out of necessity, I'll keep the slot open till the last possible time (the day after the next ride) for someone to volunteer to take it on. If they do, whatever I have planned as a fall-back by then can be 'recycled' next year. (How time flies!)

Many of you will have had this message from Sue (Pringle) already. But others won't an a reminder is always good anyway. Here it is:

Hullo, I am writing to tell you about a sponsored cycle ride I am doing on Sunday 17th October. The route is from Guildford to Shoreham-by-Sea, along the Downslink, part of the disused railway network which 'links' the North and South Downs. Between 37 and 43 miles off road, depending on whose version you favour!
I am hoping to raise £200 for the Buddhafield land appeal, paying for some beautiful land where family and 'open' retreats are held each summer.

If you'd like to support me with a small donation, it's very easy, please go to the link below and my JustGiving page where you'll find the details.   Thank you.

The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s, (Episode 69) is at the end as usual.


Future Rides … for the rest of 2010
It is not possible to check train availability more than 12 weeks in advance so later rides will be provisional for this reason.

Sunday Led by
17 October (next ride) Ian – Shermanbury (from Hassocks)
7 November ????
21 November* Jim – Gatwick circular
5 December* Roger – West of Hove, starting at the pier
19 December 'Traditional' end of year Berwick circular - Ian (subject to train availability)

* Ian not available

The Next Ride

Please be clear that while all are welcome to join us we each take part in rides at our own risk.

Sunday 17 October
Shermanbury - only 19 miles

We did a ride incorporating the Shermanbury Place bridleway back in 2005 and I think one of Roger's used it more recently. I've tried to keep it as 'flat' as possible, make the afternoon session a bit shorter than the pre-lunch one and use when I can roads that haven't featured in many of our recent rides

We leave Hassocks station and follow the road to Hurstpierpoint where we turn south once over the A23 and follow the old London road down as far as Shaves Wood where we take the road up to High Cross. The last bit into Shermanbury involves a short stretch of busy main road, then we take the bridleway through Shermanbury - emerge onto a lane near Wineham and make our way to the Royal Oak for lunch

Then it's Bobs Lane – but in the opposite direction we typically ride it, Twineham and down to High Cross, then Albourne and retrace our route back to the station.

Meet: at Hassocks station at 10.43
Getting there: Catch 10.23 from Brighton station (arrive by 10 for groupsave)
Distance: 19 miles
Off road Just the bridleway at Shermanbury - shouldn't be a problem.
Hills: not many and only little ones
Catering: lunch at the Royal Oak with possibility of tea at the Hassocks station pub (or a diversion to Washbrooks Farm)
Getting back: trains at 03, 33 and 43 minutes past the hour ).
My mobile: 0789 985 1172


The Last Ride - Jenny's Report

Sunday 3 October 2010
Chichester Circular in the Rain

The weather forecast for Chichester couldn't have been much worse but four of us met at Brighton station, clad in waterproofs and hoping for the best: Jenny, Joyce, Roger and Suzanne. Sadly there's no evidence of this, or anything else, as no one remembered to bring a camera.

At Chichester station we were joined by James, Joan and TJ, and we set off in drizzly conditions that got steadily worse. Joyce was feeling groggy, recovering from a virus, and the rain crashing down probably didn't make her feel any better, but well done to her for keeping going until the lunch stop at The White Horse Inn in Westbourne. What a nice pub - the landlord and staff couldn't have been friendlier or more helpful, and the food was very good with lots of veggie options. Highly recommended.

After lunch the weather did improve, but our leader Roger suggested we miss the off-road part of the route, as it would be very muddy. So we kept to the roads apart from a well-made track through the woods of Stansted Park, a beautiful route with a long downhill section where we met many intrepid charity cyclists doing it the hard way (upwards). Heading back towards Chichester young James kept our spirits up with a demonstration of his rather startling single-footed pedalling technique, before missing a turning and hurtling off in the wrong direction despite six of us bellowing at him from way behind. Luckily he caught on eventually.

Back at Chichester we had almost an hour's wait for the train. Disaster - the canalside tea-stop was closed! The only source of the magic beverage was Stavros's Food Stop, where requests for six cups of tea threw the kitchen into chaos (they specialise in kebabs) and we had to drink the tea standing on the pavement outside. Joyce was in need of cake, but Stavros could only offer a mystery ice-cream concoction called Lumpy Bumpy, which we all enjoyed very much.

In spite of the rain I was very glad I'd made the effort to join this ride, as I'm usually such a fair-weather cyclist. Getting wet doesn't hurt after all! Thank you Roger for another interesting and enjoyable day. We must do this route again in the summer, as we didn't get to see Ratham Mill, the pond, or the sawmill because of the weather.


The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s

69. Some of the dangers of cycling - according to Swiftsure
1) overheating

Fortunately, I don't think we're in too much danger of achieving a "perspiring condition" at this time of year; or, indeed of finding a "handy pump" at any time of year, but here's Swiftsure from his "Cycling Notes" in the Clarion, 1 June 1895.

The warning contained in the "Notes" of a Cycling News correspondent last week ought to be borne in mind by every cyclist, who, at this time of year, arrives at his journey's end in a more or less perspiring condition. The temptation to immerse one's head and face in the cool water from a handy pump is not easy to resist.

The correspondent in question seems to have yielded to this temptation with the result that his face broke out into small sores. His doctor attributed it to dipping his face in cold water whilst his blood was heated by riding.

It is therefore advisable, on arrival, to take a short walk until the heat of the body has moderated, and not to rush for a wash, as is usually the custom.

Next time. Some of the dangers of cycling - according to Swiftsure
2) overtaking on the inside.

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