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Dear fellow members and friends

20 December 2010
Bleak Midwinter Edition

Will it ever end? One thing is clear, I think. We'd better carry on with the 'by 5pm Saturday' confirmations/cancellations until there's a definite improvement in the weather. Good to hear the get-together went well last week - sorry I had to miss it. But I think it was a bit much that poor Joyce had not only to organise the event but write the report as well!

John has taken on one of the rides planned by Jim for the first (regular) ride on 9 January and Jenny is offering one for 23 January. Heartfelt thanks to them both

And let's hope we get some non-Arctic weather for them both and for our New Years's Day ride too.

See you then, I hope. Merry Christmas


To renew your membership for 2011 - send £7 (£6 national subscription plus our £1 fee) - to Jim Grozier, 92a Springfield Road, Brighton BN1 6DE. Make your cheque (or P O) out to Brighton & Hove Clarion Cycling Club. [Corinne, please note that your 2011 membership is already covered because you joined late in the year.)

Jim will then be able to send a single cheque for £6 x the number of renewing members to the national membership secretary at the end of January.

We are going to be highlighted in the next Boots & Spurs as a section with a big increase in membership. It would be good if we could recruit a few more people. Those not yet joined - what about it?

Here's what to do:

Go to the bottom of the homepage and print out a membership form.
Fill it in and sign it and send it to Jim with your sub.

In this connection can all members let Jim and Ian know of any changes of address (or email address) please?

Future Rides … 2011 until the beginning of May

It is not possible to check train availability more than 12 weeks in advance so later rides will be provisional for this reason.

Thanks to John and Jenny we are now fixed up for January (weather permitting) Offers for other dates - especially for February - please.

Sunday To/Led by
Saturday 1 January Traditional brunch ride to Carats café - Ian
9 January Hassocks - Shoreham - John
23 January Lewes - Barcombe - Jenny
6 February  
20 February  
6 March*  
20 March  
3 April  
17 April  
1 May  

* Ian not available

The Next Rides

Please be clear that while all are welcome to join us we each take part in rides at our own risk.

Saturday 1 January 2011
New Year's Day - Our Traditional Brunch Ride
To Carat's Cafe At Shoreham Harbour

Carat's is a popular venue on New Year's Day and it's not possible to book (I've asked). We've been lucky in the past - partly because we've managed to get there before the rush peaks - so a prompt start, please. But there'll be a (car-bound) advance guard whose mission will be to try to secure enough space - inside or outside if warm enough - for us before our arrival.

The weather has varied over the years - in 2007 year it really was nice to sit outside in the sun! Difficult to believe at the moment.

As on previous occasions I'm hoping that this easiest of starts to the year may tempt out some of those we seldom see - or even have yet to see.

Meet by the Palace Pier at 10.30am - or along the route at e g Maroccos. Only about 9 miles - plus from home and back to the Pier.

Ian's mobile number is 07770743287

Sunday 9 January 2011
Hassocks to Shoreham
- Jim's opus 1 for Clarion, bell and pedal

Performance begins at 10:45 am on the platform of Hassocks railway station.
Latecomers will miss the first part but could catch up the performance later.

The performance will end at approximately 20 miles.

There will be two intervals.

Programme notes as follows:

First movement: Allegro
With style and moderate pace. Instruments will be placed between the legs and with pedals set will take their cue from the leader. The scene is set. Adieu to Hassocks with much bell ringing! As Hurstpierpoint hoves into view we leave our westerly direction coming upon Newtimber by way of road and track. Style is still important but pace slackens as the movement develops. Poynings, Fulking and eventually Edburton become the focus as the tempo rises. It is here that the swelling countryside of the Downs conjures up feelings of pastoral tranquility. Upper Beeding and Bramber brings to an end the first movement.

Interval taken at the Castle public house/hotel.

Second movement: Adagio, vivace
This begins with Bramber and the flowing river of Adur beckoning. To begin with the pace is leisurely but soon subsides and almost stops as the junction of the Downs Link and Botolphs requires attention. It is here that the mood changes. The composer initially intended that the Downs Link should be the setting for the finale to Shoreham. However, a more adventurous intention can be seen in the original outline of the score. Here Botolphs is mentioned and with it the drama of the struggle to the hillcrest before subsiding into feelings of achievement. It is not often one hears both interpretations in one piece, so thisis unusual. However, this is the task ahead. The audience must decide? After this one can see in the air the outlines of Shoreham airport and the return of civilisation. This part is taken sprightly as the journey criss crosses countryside and town. Peace descends with tea on the apron (or at least in the café).

Second interval taken at Shoreham airport.

Third movement: Finale
This starts with the bustle of airport and people. The journey of this movement is short.

The station is the main focus but some will interpret the end differently and disperse separately. So comes to and end this opus. It is short but full of movement with some pleasant experiences. We look forward to more, with different intentions and development of theme.

With thanks to Jim for his original notes for which we are all in his debt. Cheers for the maestro!

Catch the 10.28 from Brighton to arrive at Hassocks at 10.45. Arrive 15 mins early for Groupsave.

Trains back from Shoreham include 15.09 arrives 15.26, 15.39 arrives 15.56 and 15.48 arrives 16.06 with a change at Hove


Sunday 12 December
Clarion Get together
- Joyce's Report

Joyce and Brian's end

After some last minute apologies, Angela, Anne, Brian Fred, Leon, Joyce, Mick, Roger, Suzanne (and Jim who joined later with Sally and friends), gathered together for our end of year meal. Prior to that there had been the 'non-swimming', when Joyce, Leon, Mick, Anne and Roger turned up at the pool only to find that it was 'closed for maintenance'" for a few days. (Not signalled when asked if the pool was open on Sundays, but maybe I (Joyce) should have been more careful and given a precise date)... Never mind, it was a lovely sunny cold winter's day and the decision was to go for a walk to the seafront and on the pier, which turned out to be a lovely way to spend an hour. The sea was miraculously smooth, with a silver glint, so beautiful that we toyed with the idea of having a quick dip (well we mentioned it ...) but the excuse was that there was 'nowhere to change' ...

Late comers

In any event an hour passes quickly and we were soon seated , very hungry, at a table together. It was good to see Brian and we were sorry that Mary had a cold which stopped her coming. Brian too had previously slipped on the ice and hurt his back, but that did not stop conversations on recent political events and hearing from him the lessons from previous situations and history.

After wining and dining a few us went on to Tessa's for mince pies and mulled wine. A very nice end to an amicable day.


The Origins of the Clarion Cycling Club and cycling in the 1890s

74. "Random Scrip on a Tandem Trip" continued

Still Clarion 8 June 1895 Last week they had reached Warwick

Pedal leisurely to Stratford-on-Avon, that is the captain pedals while the passenger sleeps. Order dinner at the Unicorn.

[They then visit Ann Hathaway's cottage]

Rode then to Broadway, an old-world Worcestershire Village, sixteen miles from Stratford and six from Evesham, which is the nearest station. It is a village of one street, more charming and picturesque than Chester. There is an old-world air about it, and it is full of priests and artists - they know a good thing. We reach Cheltenham that night. Oh! What a difference! It was too respectable even to keep the Clarion. We visited all the paper shops and could only find one man who had four to order - more will be taken now

[JDS then has to go to Bristol on business]

Left C.F to sample the respectables. This day nearly killed him. We left at four, and started our return journey. We called at Ombersley, which has a grand half-timbered contraption yclept the King's Arms.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

We push on to Kidderminster, and this ugly town gives us both the hump, and then forward to Bridgnorth. There is a mighty hill to climb. I told you what a good man C.F is for cycling down hill, but when it comes to up hill - well that's another tale.

We finally, after kicking, pushing and walking, reached the top of the hill and called to one, Geo. Martin who keeps the contraption at Chattesford. He is a member of the parish council, and ideal Boniface* and as good a shoemaker as ever used leather. But that is not sufficient for us , we wanted George to embrace Socialism. He had never heard of 'Merrie England.' O, Ye Midland Scouts!. He promised to make a good use of a supply, and they shall be sent. George is far advanced without knowing it and we shall arrive.

Concluded next time

* I guess this must be a reference to the German saint. The only connection I can discern is that B founded a number of dioceses - and G M is active in (very) local government. Anyone help explain this?

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