Only apply for standard registration on behalf of your son or daughter if you have read and understood the terms and conditions below.

Please download and print the three forms that appear further down this page and send them by Email to or by post to:

27 Shelley Villas
East Sussex TN22 2EJ

The Brexit Effect
The fees are quoted in Pounds Sterling (GBP). The Euro became much stronger against the Pound when the Brexit result was announced on June 24th 2016. This made the course fees cheaper when paid in Euros. There is no way of knowing what will happen to the exchange rate. We are keeping the 2016 price of £1799 until the end of January 2017. We will review in January and may raise the fees after that date.

The Price for the EinE Summer School 2017: £1799
There are reductions for students from the same family and also for the children of teachers currently working in a Waldorf School. Contact us to find out the details.

How to pay
When you apply we will send you an invoice by email (or by post). This will have our bank's IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and the SWIFT Branch Identifier Code. Fees should be paid when you receive the invoice.

ENGLISH IN ENGLAND accepts all students (aged 14-18) who come with a willingness to learn. We accept students with learning differences and would appreciate it if we could be given insights into how we should meet individual students' needs. We accept students from beginners to advanced levels of English. The students are given an entry test to assess their level of English. We then decide which class to put them in. In Drama and Singing classes might join together. The students write reports about the outings. We expect them to do these reports to the full extent of their capabilities, regardless of the student's level of English. In the outing reports there will be as many 'levels' as there are students. We know that most of our students are well motivated and join in enthusiastically. However, if a student gets involved in illegal or antisocial behaviour or in behaviour which threatens his or her wellbeing or the wellbeing of other participants in the course, we reserve the right to exclude that student. If that happens we will require the parents to arrange for the student's transport home. Since the Summer School started in 1997 no student has had to go home early, but I hope you will be grateful that when we take responsibility for teaching your son or daughter, we reserve the right to exclude those who make it difficult or impossible for the rest to have a positive experience. In the case of a medical emergency parents should be prepared to come to England to help. It is advised to have medical or travel insurance to cover such costs.

Right-click (PC) or ctrl-click (Mac) your mouse and choose 'Download linked file' to download these Word forms:

Registration form
Consent form
Medical information

EINE Terms and Conditions

EINE will provide tuition, outings, boarding, breakfast, packed lunch and supper for the duration of the course. The specific details of the course and the actual destinations of outings may change due to prevailing circumstances.

This course fee covers Tuition, Accommodation, Meals, and Outings, including admission charges and transport.

If a student decides to withdraw before May 31st, their fees will be returned, minus £200. If a student withdraws in June, their fees will be returned minus £700. If a student withdraws from the course in July before the course begins, their fees will be returned minus £1200. If a student withdraws or is asked to withdraw after the course has started EINE is under no obligation to return any fees. All cases will be treated sympathetically and an ex gratia payment may be made.

By signing the registration form parents or guardians affirm that they will cooperate with ENGLAND IN ENGLAND. In trying to resolve any problems that might arise as a result of the student's behaviour or medical condition. If we find that the student's medical condition, educational profile or behaviour at school, on outings or in boarding families is unacceptable, we will bring any such problem to the student's notice and inform their parents or guardians. Failure to adopt acceptable behaviour after that may result in being banned from outings or other activities, and in extreme cases in being sent home early. If a student is involved in any criminal or harmful behaviour of an extreme nature we may insist the student leaves the course immediately. If a student is excluded before the end of the course the parents or guardians will arrange transport home at their expense. Any additional expenses incurred by ENGLISH IN ENGLAND will be charged to the parents or guardians.

If parents or guardians have any worries about this, they should contact ENGLISH IN ENGLAND before sending the registration form. We include these conditions to ensure that students have a rewarding and fulfilling time with us.