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masks for drama

Masks for drama

…more than just English
Singing, Drama and Cultural visits enrich the intensive core of this three-week-long English course. We make the most of our Waldorf setting and of the cultural assets of London and the South-East.

Cultural Outings
The British Culture Programme is based around the outings which include: Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, a London Musical, the Royal Observatory Greenwich & a boat trip on the River Thames, Brighton City by the Sea & the beach, Big Ben and Royal London, Tate Modern (21st Century Art), British Museum, Covent Garden, The Science Museum. These outings provide rich experiences to write about in a journal in which the students combine facts, observations, text and image. Outings may vary due to unforseen circumstances and other considerations.

Never a dull moment!
The days begin with singing. Next follows the Main Lesson, which is EFL (English as a Foreign Language). Then there are lessons of Drama, Singing and British Culture. Drama and Singing bring the spoken language to life. The Culture programme supplies vivid images for the visits and for writing tasks. On the days we don't have outings the afternoon is devoted to sport and/or mask making.

Time flies…
The days fly by. The rhythm of the week is enlivened with two visits, usually on Tuesday and Thursday. They provide the students with rich experiences that are used in their writing tasks. On Saturdays the students are allowed to go shopping in London with teachers on hand with mobile phones.

The Waldorf dimension
The course takes place in Michael Hall School, the first and largest Waldorf School in the UK. The teaching block is modern with sunlit classrooms. The magnificent setting with its historic mansion and landscape enhances all that transpires on the campus. Most of the teachers have taught at Michael Hall.

Boarding with a family
The students stay with families we have chosen to provide a warm and friendly welcome. We try to cater to particular dietary and other needs. Most live in walking distance of the school in or near the quiet village of Forest Row.

Speaking AND Writing
Much of what we do is based on speaking and listening, and we build up the students' oral confidence. But we also work with their writing skills, especially with writing reports of the visits we make. Each student is expected to perform to the best of his or her ability. They can bring home with them a book full of memories to be proud of.

Singing and Drama
The course culminates in a performance of singing and drama pieces which have arisen out of the drama workshops. Boarding families and the students' actual parents are invited to form an audience. The day finishes with a picnic and fond farewells.

2017 Programme
ENGLISH IN ENGLAND (EINE) Summer School Programme July 15 Aug 4 2017

Saturday July 15 Students arrive (Gatwick) and spend the night with family
Sunday July 16 Welcome in Eurythmy Studio Orientation Test Drama Sport
Monday July 17 Normal School Day (NSD)
Tuesday July 18 Outing 1
Wednesday July 19 NSD
Thursday July 20 Outing 2
Friday July 21 NSD
Saturday July 22 Outing 3(Start late finish late)
Sunday July 23 With Families

Mon July 24 NSD
Tue July 25 Outing 4
Wed July 26 NSD
Thur July 27 Outing 5
Fri July 28 NSD
Sat July 29 Outing 6 (Start late finish late)
Sun July 30 With Families

Mon July 31 NSD
Tue Aug 1 Outing 7
Wed Aug 2 NSD Rehearsals
Thur Aug 3 Final Day Performance, Picnic
Fri Aug 4 Return to Gatwick and home

Normal School Days (NSD) start in the Eurythmy Studio at 9.00am with everyone together Singing. Then there is a 1 hour English lesson with a designated class teacher in the teaching block. After break there are 3 40-minute lessons before lunch and 2 after lunch in the teaching block and elsewhere. The 40-minute lessons are Drama, Singing, British Culture or English. There is Sport on the Hockey Pitch and Tennis Courts from 3.40 to 5.00.

This is only an outline. There will be the same number of outings and days at school, but until we finalise the Globe Theatre and other bookings the actual dates might change.

Unique Blend
We are aware that the Summer School is a vital early step into a wider world. Teachers and boarding families all enjoy making the EinE Summer School a life-affirming event. We base our course around some of the keystones of our culture. That doesn't mean it isn't a lot of fun.

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