About us

ENGLISH IN ENGLAND springs from two sources: mainstream EFL teaching and Steiner/Waldorf education; Communicative language learning and anthroposophical practice. The antecedents of the ENGLISH IN ENGLAND Summer School are the courses developed at Michael Hall School since 1991. These blended the humane elements of communicative language teaching with parts of the Waldorf curriculum. Within loose parameters we had a free hand to develop our own curriculum. The language learning is largely based around cultural activities such as singing and drama; and around outings to places of cultural interest.

The Michael Hall connection is very strong. Most of the EinE teachers have taught at Michael Hall over the years. We feel right at home on this beautiful rural campus.



Bob Hamblett has taught at Michael Hall since 1991, developing the EFL course and the British Culture Programme. The Summer School started in 1997 as part of Michael Hall School and gained its independence in 2005.

Rosalind Shakespear worked in the Michael Hall EFL department for several years before teaching in the Summer School since 1998.

Simon Shirley has been a class teacher at Michael Hall and several other Steiner Schools. At present he advises and teaches at Steiner Schools in Britain and abroad.

David Chisholm is a class teacher at Michael Hall and has taught in the Milan Stiener School as well as teaching EFL abroad and in the UK.