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Dear fellow members and friends

27 May 2005

'Different' is the keyword for this message.



The Next Rides

Sunday 5 June (A different) Berwick Circular
Berwick station – Michelham – Arlington - Wilmingon – Alfriston – Berwick church – old coach road – Selmeston – Berwick station. Only about 16 miles but some of it on fairly rough track – and lots of stops for photos and refreshments!

We head north for a couple of miles to Michelham Priory, where no doubt Fred will be busy with his camera. Then we turn south through Arlington making for Wilmington with what should be good views of the Long Man. Past what remains of Wilmington Priory and village we make our way round to the Sussex Ox (not to be confused with the Brighton Bullock) for lunch in the (we hope) sunny garden. Retracing our steps a little we cross the Cuckmere and make a brief visit to Alfriston before heading back towards the A27. But just before Drusilas we take to a track – usually cyclable but only short if we decide to walk - which brings us to Berwick Church. We'll be able to have a look at the famous Bloomsbury Group paintings there.

We then make our way out to the Old Coach Road and follow it past the Alciston turn to Bo-Peep where we regain a tarmac surface and follow the road down to the main road at Selmeston. At this point we will decide whether to simply cross the road and head back to Berwick station or to divert to the Selmeston tearoom.

Catch 11.14 from Brighton station or meet at Berwick station at 11. 41 (no change). Return no change trains at 34 minutes past the hour.

And now for something a little different!

In the normal way our next ride would be on 19 June – but apart from various birthday celebrations likely to distract that weekend – the 19th is the day of the London-Brighton Bike Ride. And the previous week is National Bike Week with lots of events we might want to participate in.

But you'll recall the message from Joyce a while back about the Shoreham Tollbridge rides on Sunday 12 June. Here's the details again

Have a nice Ride and help raise funds for the restoration of the Old Shoreham Tollbridge - which is a key link for cyclists, walkers and horse riders and is in desperate need of repair.

Latest postal entry by 3 June (but you can telephone 463473) Entry = £8

Three rides:
1: 5 miles
2A: 91/2 miles
3A: 32 miles

Start time 10-11am longest ride first

All routes head straight into the country, along the Adur Valley between the Downs - Rides are entirely on minor roads, except for outward on ride 1 which uses the Downs Link.

Leaflets available from Joyce Edmond-Smith or by telephone 01273 463473

On last week's ride we decided we'd make this - a week earlier than normal – our next ride after the Berwick one (and then revert to our usual schedule). Joyce and I are going to enter for the 32 mile one. But if that's too far the 5 miles one can't be! Give her a ring or an e-mail – She says a team discount may be possible. We can do a good deed and have a nice day out at the same time. More details later.

The Last Ride

Sunday 22 May – ride from Chichester.
Sheila's report. Photos by Fred.

Six of us set off from Chichester railway station. It is a great station to cycle from as going we were almost immediately cycling along the towpath of the Chichester Canal.

Richard, Sheila, Sheren, Joyce and Ian

Richard, Sheila, Sharen, Joyce and Ian

At the end of the path there was a heated discussion about whether to take the picturesque longer route even though we were we not meant to cycle along a small section of it, or take the shorter route along a busier road. We decided for the picturesque but took the wrong road and had to come back. Eventually we took the correct road and turned of the main road and cycled down lovely narrow roads with hedges full of cow parsley. We cycled through North Mundham and Fisher before a small discussion with two young men who told us what we already knew, that we shouldn't really have been cycling along this track.

The Crab and Lobster

The Crab and Lobster

We eventually arrived at Sidlesham on the edge of Pagham Harbour and stopped for lunch at The Crab and Lobster. We ate well in the garden there. It is certainly a pub worth remembering. Ian meanwhile sat on a seat at the edge of Pagham Harbour and communed.

St Nicholas church, Ichenor

St Nicholas church, Ichenor

After lunch we cycled west through Earnley and Bracklesham and through suburban East and West Wittering. We then wended our way north towards the ferry at West Ichenor.

On the Itchy Bosom Ferry

On the Itchy Bosom Ferry

The ferryman managed to get all six of us and six bikes (and his dog) on a very small ferryboat. The tide was about as far out as it could possibly be so the journey had to be very short (no deck quoites for us).

The world's most expensive ferry (£1.50 each + 50p per bike)

The world's most expensive ferry (£1.50 each + 50p per bike)

We pushed the bikes over seaweed and were soon cycling round the harbour at Bosham. There we took a democratic decision to stop for tea and toasted teacakes.

Into Bosham

Into Bosham at low tide

Mariners Coffee Shop, Bosham

Mariners Coffee Shop, Bosham

We set off again and soon came upon a well marked cycle route that took us right back to Chichester Station. By the end we had cycled about 25 very pleasant miles. Many thanks to all for their company.


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